New Move, New Website, New Warehouse, New Coffee...New Mexico

What a whirlwind of a month! So many awesome changes as we continue to grow and morph into a full coffee roasting company. 


Johnny fell in love with New Mexico when we took our first trip through the state back in 2003. He loves history and always was fascinated with the cowboys, outlaws and the west. The opportunity for him to see all the places he read about regarding Billy the Kid was so exciting for him....and he fell in love with the landscape of New Mexico. Now we are here!

We started off on this new adventure back in 2013 as a small shop on HWY 28 that served coffee as we roasted our own beans in small batches to a full blown coffee roasting company dedicated to offering fresh delicious coffee online, in stores and in hotels. 

We've been so busy revamping our new website and it's finally here. Concentrating on what we are passionate about...COFFEE! We plan to have all our coffee available in a variety of sizes along with coffee related gifts, accessories and more. 

I've seen a steady increase in the cost of green coffee beans since the summer. Coffee is a commodity and like oil it goes up and down in price. However, many countries are dealing with severe drought and rust (a fungus that is devastating to the coffee plantation), which has impacted prices.

Yes you can purchase green coffee beans that have been warehoused as long as 10 years to save money....NOT ME! Since I'm a firm believer in finding the best coffee beans around the world and always purchase "in season" crops/beans.


We want to accommodate everyone so we've created a variety of sizes to fit your coffee needs. We offer 3 oz, 6 oz, our new 12 oz and of course our full pound/16 oz sizes. 

We encourage you to check out our new website and let us know how we can provide you with our great coffee. 

DON'T FORGET... Our new warehouse number 575-496-7383. Feel free to call if you have any custom gift basket or any other coffee needs.