Pecans & Coffee....


Johnny and I have been hard at work helping a small local farm with their pecan trees. If you are familiar with Southern New Mexico and I know most of you are, we are filled with gorgeous and mature pecan groves. They make a beautiful tunnel of filters light in the summer and in the winter after the first or two below freeze temps...they produce a wonderful nut that we use so much especially during the holidays. 


I know how much our family enjoyed pecans during the holidays and we always loved sending them to family and friends far away. So much so that they were always looking forward to the same gift year-after-year of fresh pecans. 

This year Johnny and I have decided to create a unique duo set...fresh pecans and fresh roasted coffee. A taste of New Mexico from a local pecan farm and a local coffee roaster (that's me). We will have dup sets of a pound of pecans and a 12 OZ bag of coffee or 16 OZ. The pecans will be wrapped in a burlap sack and set along with the coffee tied with our turquoise bow. A great gift to receive during the holidays. 

You can go right online and order and have it shipped to your friend, coworker, neighbor or relative, or give me (Lolita) a shout (email or call) and I'll help you with all your Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday gift giving needs.