Coffee Beans...New Roast

I can't believe that we will be celebrating one year at Johnny Lolita's in La Union NM. When John and I wanted to start something new, we truly never imagined I'd be roasting coffee. I have to tell you....I L-O-V-E it. I enjoy receiving a new bean and finding out the ideal temperature, roast profile for an ideal tasting cup! 

When speaking with our coffee broker, he has been bugging me to buy some Ethiopian beans. I kept ignoring him hoping he'd give up and stop asking me. Finally, he shut me down and point blank asked me why I didn't want to try it. Truth was, that years ago I had gone into a coffee shop and tried their Ethiopian brew. YUCK! I explained to my coffee guy, it tasted like burnt dirt.

As I've learned and as my coffee guy explained is that the beans were more than likely roasted to long and that it was indeed burned. Today's coffee roasters are about fine tuning the profile of the cup verses burning it. So I succumbed and bought a sample of Ethiopia beans.

Always a little nervous when I roast a new bean. Since I'm still a novice...I'm always concerned of ruining the bean so I roasted to a nice medium roast. Let the beans rest overnight and was very excited to try the next morning. 


Boy...can you smell that wonderful aroma of roasted coffee beans as we entered the shop the next morning and I was looking forward to trying my first (hand roasted by me) cup of Ethiopian beans. It was awesome!!! A very floral fragrance to the cup and it was like drinking fruit. Don't get me is drinking a cup of medium roast coffee, however the tasting notes of fruit such as berry and peach really came out.

I immediately called my coffee broker and admitted he was right, this coffee is awesome. I could hear the smile on his face (yes I literally could her his smile) as he was happy to send out a full order.

I roasted today and it looks awesome! We will have it available for you this week and you can order a pound to take home this weekend. We've named it Quanah. Yes as in Quanah Parker famous Indian Chief AND the fact that the name Quanah means "fragrant" in Comanche.

So be sure to stop by and get a cup and a pound to take home.