Where Are You? What Happened? Now What?

Comments running around..."Did you hear? Hear what? Johnny Lolita's closed? No way! Way!....What happened? I loved that place. It had the best coffee....and I loved hanging out there." Now what?! 

Johnny Lolita's didn't close or go out if business. We moved! We are growing, changing....morphing.  


When Johnny and I decided to leave corporate America, we had no idea that roasting coffee would become our passion. We had no clue what this next chapter in our life would be. However, we are so happy and glad that a door opened for us and here we are...."Micro-Roasters"


I agree with all of you...the surroundings were beautiful. Very peaceful and such a wonderful spot to hang out and "get away from it all". We loved meeting new friends and customers, we enjoyed our events such as our original "Thieves Market", Farmers Market and other specialty events. 

But what it came down to for Johnny and me was the coffee. We enjoy roasting and selling our coffee. We enjoy meeting new people, having them sample our blends and find the perfect one for them. 

Now we will be able to concentrate 100% on coffee roasting and selling coffee by the pound. We will be able to enjoy creating unique gift baskets for birthdays, holidays etc. creating coffee inspired favors & gifts for bridal showers/birthdays/holidays/promotional events. We will have the opportunity to do events for small parties providing a coffee-espresso-latte experience at your next event. All the things we've come to realize we enjoy.    


"A shop within a shop!" So why did we choose to be inside a high end consignment store? We love the "Shops at Placita Santa Fe", we love that we will have the flexibility to spend time creating baskets and gifts for our clients. We will have the freedom to do events being at two places at once will not be as challenging AND we will be a lot closer to our repeat customers who buy our coffee by the pound! 


We are no longer a coffee shop...we will not be serving lattes, espressos, Italian sodas or food items. You will be able to purchase our great coffee, shop for unique gift baskets etc and enjoy the other beautiful items inside this store. 

So if you want to be up-to-date on the latest "happenings" promotions and events...sign up for our newsletter (click here to sign up), Like Us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/johnnylolitas) or follow us on Twitter (JohnnyLolitas) . We will still offer local delivery, so be sure to contact us when you are running low. 


 Stay tuned.... We are only getting started.