New Additions To Our Coffee Family

Johnny and I sold out of almost every coffee we had in stock! So we spent our days off roasting our favorite beans PLUS bringing you two new additions. 


Sumatra green beans

Sumatra green beans

This new crop (2014) comes from Lintong in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. This coffee is sun dried and features a grade 1 quality preparation. A well known characteristic of the region is the heavy body with great acidity... a very rich and clean tobacco finish. The Aceh Gold is one of the cleanest and most meticulously prepared Sumatra you will find. 


Johnny was looking for another coffee we could add and was interested in the El Salvador bean. After several sample tastings, Johnny decided on this Bourbon varietal. This farm is located in the small town of Macance, Quezaltepeq, department of La Libertad, on the route to the San Salvador Volcano called “El Boquerón”. This natural processed bean has a very floral aroma with tasting notes of red apples. Very smooth body you'll enjoy cup after cup! 


So stop by and learn more about our latest additions and possibly sample some in the store. We also have freshly roasted our other coffees such as Brazil/Guatemala blend (formerly Turqouise Trail), our rich and robust Colombian (formerly Paniolo), our new hot sellers Ethiopian Yergacheffe (formerly Quanah), Nicaragua Maracaturra (new shipment on its way) and of course our "Buzz Kill Decaf"...our Swiss Water Process Decaf which is very smooth with a wonderful cocoa nib finish.   

I have to tell you, I was reluctant in ordering Sumatra. The last time I had some was way back when and they over roasted (to the point of burning) the beans. However, Johnny and I really enjoyed our first cup and I enjoyed the different taste it has from the others we have currently. It is a heavy body coffee that I find wonderful and enjoyable in the morning. 

Lolita 💋