Coffee Available This Week

Here's the coffee we have available! Come in and learn about our coffee, smell the wonderful difference and get ideas for gift baskets, events or celebrations. 



This new crop (2014) comes from Lintong in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. This coffee is sun dried and features a grade 1 quality preparation. A well known characteristic of the region is the heavy body with great acidity... a very rich and clean tobacco finish. The Aceh Gold is one of the cleanest and most meticulously prepared Sumatra you will find. 


This is a Bourbon varietal  from a farm located in the small town of Macance, Quezaltepeq, department of La Libertad, on the route to the San Salvador Volcano called “El Boquerón”. This natural processed bean is very light, has a very floral aroma with tasting notes of red apples. Very smooth body you'll enjoy cup after cup! 


It is a micro lot (basically the cream of the crop) is so smooth. Grade 1 beans deliver a rich tasting up you'll never tire. A very sweet coffee that has a perfect balance of fruity and acidity. The tasting notes are sweet nectar, roses and nutty. 



A natural processed bean offers a wonderful fragrance as you take in your first sip. A medium full city roast that delivers a floral fragrance and tasting noted of fruit....berries/blueberries. I love this coffee at's like a dessert coffee yet it's not sweetened with sugar or syrups, just great on its own or with a slice of pie. 


Taking the best of to beans and creating a wonderfully smooth coffee. Formerly called Turquoise Trail, has risen to the top in popularity. All around great tasting coffee to enjoy any time of day. The combination of roasted beans from Brazil & Guatemala gives you the taste of cocoa nib, almonds, "peanutty" and buttercream taste. 


This Colombian bean (formerly Paniolo) is one of our darker roasts. Roasted to a full City Plus roast, it brings out the great acidity of green apples along with brown sugar and vanilla. A robust taste without the bitterness you can get from over roasted beans. We roast just enough to bring out the taste without scorching the bean. 


Swiss water process is a natural chemical free process that removes 99.9% of the caffeine while maintains the coffee's origin and flavor. This is a Brazil bean that is roasted to a medium-dark roast and provides an excellent tasting coffee. Tasting notes of chocolate and nut and very smooth. Roasting the beans also will eliminate any caffeine left in the bean so you are left with a great tasting cup without the synthetic taste you find in chemically decaffeinated coffee. 


We are down to the last several pounds of Lolita's. It has had a great run and the oak and spice flavor everyone enjoys. Be sure to grab a pound while supplies last. 

Different containers for gift baskets!! 

Different containers for gift baskets!! 

Remember we are in our new location inside Elegant Consignment store at Placita Santa Fe. We will have coffee sampling available always in the morning and on Saturdays most of the day. Wonderful gift baskets (or container) ideas for any occasion. We are here Tues-Sat 10AM-5PM.