Keeping Your Coffee Fresh!

Customers are always asking me how to keep their fresh roasted beans fresh? So many thoughts out there....should I put it in the fridge? If you want it to taste like "last night's Red Enchiladas" you can. 😁 Should I store in the freezer....well yes, but there are some limitations.  

First recommendation is to purchase fresh roasted coffee as you need. Purchase what you'll need for the next 1-2 weeks. Keeping whole bean.....and grind what you need that day for coffee is ideal too! We grind our coffee every time we are ready to have a cup. Even if we have it twice a day..... we grind as we need. Johnny and I are looking into coffee subscriptions locally and out-of-state where you purchase on a monthly basis and you don't have to think about it and receive a pound or two...whatever you need. Locally, we will even deliver! (Details coming soon) 

ideally it is best to keep air, moisture heat and light away from your beans...In that order! So it is NOT good to refrigerate or freeze your daily supply of coffee. Moisture will begin to develop and break down your bean. If you've purchased a large amount of coffee, you can take a portion and place it in a resealable bag and freeze. However, when you are ready to use, pull it out but do not refreeze. You can freeze one time but trying to freeze again, then, you will start to build moisture and ruin the beans. This only applies to whole beans not ground. Ground coffee begins loosing it's essence quickly and freezing in ground form is never recommended. 

Placing your coffee in a cupboard is typically what I recommend. A cool, dry and dark place. So stay away from the cupboards that are near the stove or on a wall that gets the direct sun from outside.  

Excessive air is one of the biggest "spoilers" of coffee. It's what can bring your beans to "staleness" quickly. We now have an awesome product for your beans. It's a Coffee Vac canister. These canisters work the same way as the one way degassing valves. Letting out the gases without allowing oxygen in. It's easy to use and helps maintain coffee freshness from your first cup to your last! 

We started selling them and one of our customers came in the other day and told me how much she loved her Coffee Vac canister. She can tell a big difference in the continued fresh taste of her roasted coffee beans.  


So, the next time you're in the shop, be sure to grab a canister along with your pound of beans. It'll continue keeping the freshness of your coffee!