Pour Overs, A Great Way To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee!

There are so many ways to make your morning cup of joe. From electric drip to percolator to now the big thing...Kuerig single cups. However, many are returning to the "old school" way of making coffee. 

One thing that I've learned is that the ideal water temperature to make that wonderful tasting cup is between 195 and 210 degrees. This allows the coffee to "bloom" (I know, fancy terminology) and bring a tasty brew down to your cup.  


A popular product is the pour over. It's a great way to grab a perfect tasting cup of coffee especially when you are purchasing fresh roasted beans (of course from Johnny Lolita's) and grinding as you need.  

This is a ceramic pour over by Melitta. Very sturdy, helps keep your water hot throughout the process and delivers a great tasting cup of coffee. 

Grab your Melitta and set it on top of your coffee cup. Grind the amount of coffee you will need for your cup, mug or travel cup. Set aside. 


Add your #2 filter and place inside. Heat your water until it's boiling. Next you will need to "preheat" your filter by pouring water over the filter and letting it drip into the cup. This will allow you to set up the filter, heat up the pour over and cup. You don't need to add a lot just enough to wet the filter. Pour out the water you used to treat the filter and cup. 

Next you will add your ground coffee to the wet filter and now pour the hot water in the pour over. Be sure you pour the water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds. 


Now....you just wait for that awesome goodness to filter through down to the cup! Remove the pour over off your cup and discard the filter.  

Last step....drink! Be sure to stop in and purchase a pour over, grab some coffee and enjoy!


Lolita 💋