When it's HOT??? Chill....and get ICED!!!

If you live in the Southwest, many if you are experiencing extreme high temperatures. Many of us wondering "Wow!... It's to early to be this hit!" "We are still in Spring...what's it going to be like when it hits Summer?" "This is waaaaay too hot!" And so on and so on. 


With the temperatures hitting above 100 do you still think of having a hot cup of coffee? I do....I still love it regardless of the weather. I lived in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for many many years and even in the 120 degree days of summer...I still like a hot cup of Java.  

I enjoy coffee iced as well. For me....it has to be very hot or ice cold....I don't like it in between. Don't like lukewarm coffee...yuck. 

Since I've begun my adventure in coffee roasting, I'm constantly fine tuning my skills to bring out some great profiles from the green coffee beans we purchase from all over the world. Being able to experience those wonderful tasting notes hot is incredible.....enjoying it iced?.....refreshing, cool and sensational! 

You can experience those wonderful tasting notes enhanced with ice. One of my favorite coffee to drink iced is our Ethipian Yergecheffe. With this wonderful floral and fruity experience and the amazing taste of berries...surely wins iced. 


Stop in and grab a pound of our Ethiopian for a wonderful hot or iced experience. Not to mention our other coffee where each blend will deliver a different taste experience steaming or chilled.