New Coffee For A Limited Time

New Coffee “Lolita Special Edition One”

We are very excited to be receiving (in very limited quantity) a new coffee bean. Again…this will only be available for a limited time and will sell in 8 OZ packages. 


These are Geisha beans (pronounced gesha without the “i”), a very rare coffee tree that does not yield a high amount of beans as other coffee trees do. Discovered in the 1930’s, these trees originated in the “Gesha” district of Ethiopia, hence the name. Many farmers have tried to replant these trees and the result has been unfavorable. These trees are very temperamental and require high altitudes. In the 1960’s, seeds were brought to Costa Rica then on to Panama in hopes to try and grow this very rare cherry producing tree. However, due to soil and lower altitudes, most of the trees died off. However a few survived and were mixed in with other coffee thus losing that wonderful and distinctive taste of the pure geisha coffee bean. About 9 years ago there has been a resurgence of the Geisha coffee and one of the areas that has been successful in growing is in Panama. other coffee varietal has received such acclaim as the geisha coffee bean and we are excited to roast and have for our customers. We should be receiving our shipment this week and will be roasting & cupping soon after. Our goal is to have available by the second week of February. We will keep you posted. 

We will be taking pre-orders, so if you are interested in grabbing up a bag, please feel free to write to me via facebook or twitter as well as email or call us 575-496-7383

Lolita 💋