Embrace the Daily Grind

If you truly enjoy coffee, grind your own beans! Many people buy ground coffee as they say it’s too much hassle to grind it every day. PLEASE! We can all find 30 seconds in our busy schedules. Did you know that when coffee is ground the Freshness-life is measured in hours. When exposed to air it has a 15 minute lifespan. Are you going to consume that three pound bag of coffee you just brought home from the box store in the next couple of hours? 

Grinders come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. The most basic electric blade grinder will vastly improve the quality of your cup of coffee. Despite what Coffee purists say, they are fine for personal daily use. They are quick, easy, efficient and economical. An electric blade grinder can be had for under $20.00.

Want to go a step further? Try an electric burr grinder. A burr grinder is superior to a blade grinder because the burrs crush the coffee beans which releases more flavor. Electric burr grinders range anywhere from $35 - $100 and up. 

Want the freshest coffee experience? Try a hand-built, hand-cranked burr grinder. This is the type Grandma used. Hand-built grinders are a true work of art. A hand-built burr grinder will set you back $70 - $160. 

The biggest key to enjoying fresh coffee is only grind what you are going to immediately consume. And, store your beens in an air tight container. 

It’s a New Year! Why not make it a goal to start enjoying your morning coffee for a change? Grinding your coffee fresh each morning takes less than a minute. The difference it makes in the flavor is amazing!

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