What New @JohnnyLolita's In February

We Are One Of The Top Finalists!

Back in December, I was perusing the Entrepreneur Magazine online. I enjoy reading all the inspirational stories about small business growing as well as getting new ideas for building a better business.

I came across a contest where a small business could win a City Express Van from Chevrolet. The contest is called "City Express to Success Challenge". To participate, you had to either write an essay or create a short video explaining three main things; 

  1. How winning a City Express Van will impact your business growth. 
  2. How winning a City Express Van will improve efficiency of your business. 
  3. How winning a City Express Van will help your brand

I thought "We could do this!" So I asked John to write an essay. He is way better at the written word than I am. (Or is it me...or is it I...that's why I didn't wrote it...UGH!)

So here is the essay Johnny entered;

My wife and I own and operate a Coffee Roasting company in New Mexico. As a small start-up, one of the toughest battles we fight is competing with and standing apart from industry giants. A great deal of our time is spent on marketing our business and building brand awareness. 

Winning a Chevy City Express would make a significant, positive impact on our business. First off it would make delivering our coffee a breeze! Loading up our 2002 CRV gets the job done, but it does not make the Professional impression we strive for. 

Making deliveries and attending events throughout New Mexico and the neighboring states in our own Chevy City Express would be a huge shot in the arm for our marketing. Seeing our logo traveling around the city and across the state would help build our brand awareness as well as build excitement in a way that print advertising and Social Media cannot. It would show the public that we are serious about our business. We take pride in our brand and corporate image. That we have arrived.


We are very honored to be among some great people to win the City Express Van. If you would, please click on this link City-Express-to-Success-Challenge  and view the the top 10 finalists. Find our logo and name and click to view our story and most importantly, please share our story via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for our chance to win this great prize. The winner will be announced March 6th and we will let you know if we won or not. Keep your fingers crossed. 

Lolita's Reserve Available for a Limited Time

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago receiving a new coffee bean for a limited time. Well it's arrived and as I mentioned before...is available for a limited time. 

These are Geisha beans (pronounced gesha without the “i”), a very rare coffee tree that does not yield a high amount of beans as other coffee trees do. Discovered in the 1930’s, these trees originated in the “Gesha” district of Ethiopia, hence the name. Many farmers have tried to replant these trees and the result has been unfavorable. These trees are very temperamental and require high altitudes. In the 1960’s, seeds were brought to Costa Rica then on to Panama in hopes to try and grow this very rare cherry producing tree. However, due to soil and lower altitudes, most of the trees died off. However a few survived and were mixed in with other coffee thus losing that wonderful and distinctive taste of the pure geisha coffee bean. About 9 years ago there has been a resurgence of the Geisha coffee and one of the areas that has been successful in growing is in Panama. 

Truly...no other coffee varietal has received such acclaim as the geisha coffee bean and we are excited to roast and have for our customers. The results of our roasts and cupping as produced a very sweet/dessert style coffee. It is very "buttery smooth" in the mouth and has such a sweetness, more so than our wonderful Ethiopian roasts. The name will be Lolita's Reserve and will be sold in 8oz bags for $14.00. A truly unique coffee with amazing smoothness and taste you will enjoy for yourself or to give as a special gift.