I must confess, we do own an electric coffee pot. Before you judge us, let me explain. 

Capresso Aromatic Coffee Maker

Capresso Aromatic Coffee Maker

Our coffee maker is not the run of the mill box store special. It is a Capresso Aroma Classic. It is essentially an electric pour-over machine. 

Here is how it differs from your mother’s drip machine. The water is brought to a rolling boil in an upper glass chamber. Once it’s boiling, a valve opens and the water is slowly released into the coffee filter chamber. This is a slow process and the boiling water is allowed to sit in the coffee grounds while they bloom. The coffee then collects into a traditional looking glass coffee pot. The Capresso produces what is nearly as good as a manual pour-over because the brew process is so slow and, the coffee is much hotter since the water actual boils. Traditional coffee pots only attain a 175-190 degree temperature range (if you are lucky). 

Unfortunately the Capresso is no longer sold in the U.S. The primary reason they discontinued the unit is that it is too tall to fit under standard kitchen cabinets (The average upper cabinets in the U.S. are 16 3/4” above the counter and the Capresso stands 20” tall). What is additionally cool and unique is that once it is done brewing, unplug the cord from the wall and the unit and carry (pot, filter and all) to the table to pour. They can still be had on eBay and occasionally one will pop up in a second-hand store. If you find one, buy it! 

Next, we will show you a video on how this cool coffee maker works! Stay tuned....