Our New Organic Coffee From Mexico

Johnny and I are SO excited about our new coffees from Mexico. Why? Because they have some of the best tasting notes around in an organic coffee. 

First off...the Mexico Organic Oaxaca. WOW! When I first opened the first burlap sack of the green beans, I was enveloped with the sweet smell of oranges. Simply amazing. The final taste in your cup is chocolate with a slight hint of oranges and smooth body. Enjoy this hot OR try it in a Cold Brew method. 

The Organic Oaxaca comes from a group of small producers who are striving to transform living conditions of member farmers and their families. They are also developing, multiple programs to overcome conditions of extreme poverty and build a sustainable way of life. Women's participation is a BIG part of their social development. 43% of the cooperative's members are women. This group is striving for women to participate in all cooperative roles-locally, regionally and internationally.

One of their main priorities is organic agriculture. The decision to be organic is mainly out of concern for the health of the community. Organic practices will prevent hazardous waste from contaminating local water sources and soil. Their agricultural practices encourage the pretense of insects, reptiles, small mammals and deer.

Nest...Mexico Organic Chiapas. Many of my customers LOVE when I get the Chiapas coffee beans from Mexico. And this organic Chiapas will not disappoint. It has a wonderful floral aroma that envelops the nose upon taking your first sip. A dark chocolate  taste with a citrus finish. We've roasted slightly darker...something to enjoy first thing in the morning. 

Coffee IS Chiapas most important cash crop...which has been grown since the 1800's. This coffee is grown under the shade of native trees without the use of pesticides or chemicals. AND much of the coffee is grown in environmentally protected areas as Chiapas rainforest is home to thousands of animals and plants...many that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. High altitude, steady rain and a rich volcanic soil...all factor in to this wonderful; cup. 

Be sure to grab a bag or two...or one of each. While supplies last as this has been an incredible crop this year! 

Lolita 💋