And Now....A Cold Brew Blend

Johnny's Cold Brew Blend

Johnny's Cold Brew Blend

We started a blog with our Cold Brew Recipe, then another blog about making Cold Brew Hot...And now, we offer a Cold Brew Blend for sale at Johnny Lolita's.  

We received so many requests on the best coffee to Cold Brew and it really doesn't matter. As long as you like your coffee, try using it in a cold brew process. You will be amazed at the difference in taste from brewing hot vs brewing cold. 

Johnny's new love is Cold Brew Coffee! He loves it so much I decided to name the new blend after him! He helped himself to my coffee beans...freshly roasted of course...and created a unique blend. He Has created several options and I have loved each one. However, this blend seems to be the favorite. 

The results...a very smooth bodied brew with hints of cocoa, nutty and fruit. This blend was especially blended for a cold brew process so we will also throw in instructions on how to make your very own cold brew coffee at home. 

REMINDER...cold brew process will result in a wonderful concentrate! Yes it's you will dilute with water...alittle or a lot! 

Be sure to order your bag of Cold Brew Blend online for shipping or local delivery.