How To Make Cold Brew At Home

During these very hot days of summer...nothing is better than a tall, COLD glass of refreshing liquid! When you are so hot and thirsty and you grab that glass and take in your first can feel the coolness hit your tongue, run down your throat and into your tummy cooling off everything along the way.

As a kid I LOVED Ice Coffee. My dear friend Missy and I would concoct our spectacular ice coffee drinks adding coffee, lots of ice, sugar, vanilla and milk. It was my "goto" drink after school. Every time I drink an Ice Coffee, I think of Missy...sitting around, drinking our ice coffees, laughing, playing music and dancing.

Nowadays, the big box stores offer a variety of ice coffee drinks that come with high prices. If you start with a great foundation...fresh roasted, great coffee... then you'll have an awesome cold coffee drink. Simply add your flavorings, sweeter, milk or almond milk and enjoy a better tasting cold brew at home. Now I just drink mine straight, it's that good. 

Making Cold Brew Coffee is so easy. The process is done with everyday kitchen items right in your home. It really doesn’t matter the size of pitcher or container you are using…it all depends on you and how much coffee you wish to make. Even better...this will result in a coffee concentrate that you will add water making it last longer. PLUS it will stay fresh in your refrigerator 6-8 weeks. 

Because you are not adding hot water to the coffee grounds, you are not going to have the same chemical reaction in cold brew as you do with hot brew coffee. You will see a difference in taste even with the coffee you drink everyday. Cold brew delivers a very smooth and slightly sweeter taste. You will not have the acidity like you would in hot coffee.

Things you'll need:

  1. Pitcher (any size)
  2. Strainer (the finer screen kind)
  3. Water (filtered is best)
  4. Coffee Paper Filters or Coffee Screen Filter or Cheesecloth 
  5. Extra pitcher or container to filter coffee back and forth

Be sure to use cold or tepid water, not hot water. Preferably filtered water is best. For every 6 ounces of water, you will add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Example; an 18 ounce pitcher of water…you will need 6 tablespoons of ground coffee. 

Add the coffee grounds (be sure you do a corse grind as it will be easier to filter later on) directly into the pitcher of water and stir for a minute. 

Cover or place the lid on top and let your coffee grounds steep for 22-24 hours. I typically will stir the coffee grounds again (after 8-10 hours) and they will float to the bottom if they haven't already.

When time is up, you will need to strain the coffee grounds out of the water. Grab a new container…or if you have another pitcher, use that and use a kitchen strainer to remove the grounds. Using a strainer will get most of the coffee grounds, however you will need to filter at least 2-3 more times to get all the grounds. Next, use a coffee paper filter, coffee screen or cheese cloth and strain the pitcher of coffee through the finer filter. I suggest at least 2 times with a finer filter. THEN…you have a wonderful coffee concentrate. 

Ways to enjoy your Cold Brew:

Use it Cold- Add the Cold Brew concentrate to a glass fill half way, add ice and fill the remainder with water, stir and enjoy. 

You can also make a hot cup of coffee by filling your coffee cup/mug/tumbler half way with coffee concentrate and then fill with hot boiling water. Instant hot cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Lolita 💋