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Hwy 28 La Union, NM.

Hwy 28 La Union, NM.

How time flies! Three years ago on March 1, 2013 we officially opened the doors of Johnny Lolita's. Our original plan was to create a local Coffee Shop. A place for folks to hang out, visit and have the Best cup of coffee ever.

Very quickly we discovered that our little Coffee Shop on Hwy 28 in La Union, NM was a conduit for our varied interests and passions. We created a thriving Artisan's Market as an outlet for our artistic side. Lolita began filling special orders for her hand-roasted coffee, confections and baked goods. Through it all she continued to hone and refine her coffee roasting skills.

Our little Coffee Shop was our home as well as the home for many of our friends. When we began Johnny Lolita's it was with one basic idea, to embrace life and pursue our passions. We had no idea where this would lead, much less that it would take on a life of its own! Consequently we quickly outgrew the confines of our little shop on Hwy 28 and moved to a bigger facility...the Internet. 

Having a "brick-less" store allows us to serve you when and where it's convenient for you. The path we are following presently is to help you explore different ways to entertain in and enjoy your home. Coffee is the cornerstone. What goes better with coffee than something sweet? Not only will you find all of Lolita's hand-roasted coffee and delicious confections, but you'll discover tutorials, recipes, hand-crafted items for your home, ideas and more. And, to help keep things interesting you'll be able to enjoy Johnny's latest musings.  

One thing we have discovered since March 1, 2013 is that "we don't know what we are doing, but we're having fun doing it!" Come and join us on the adventure and discover your passions!