Why Not A Coffee Bar!

If you've checked out or revamped website, you'll see that Johnny Lolita’s is making some awesome changes. We are STILL about coffee. However, we are about enjoying and entertaining in your home. We all do it…we LOVE to go out for a nice dinner or up early for some homemade biscuits & gravy at your favorite breakfast joint. But it’s nice to have some wonderful tasting coffee at home and even having friends and family over for coffee!

That being said…I met (via Facebook and Mini affiliations) a wonderful gal all the way from Belgium! We share a love of Mini Coopers & Coffee. (I am on my third Mini which is a Countryman)

One thing that Johnny and I would like for people to take away from our new goal is finding fun and unique ways to enjoy being at home. Cocktails? Barbecues? and yes Coffee. 

Well Panida Thierens from Belgium was given a cool birthday gift from her hubby. Embracing her two loves…Mini’s & Coffee. 

“We were thinking of making a coffee corner, but we didn't find the right furniture” says Panida. “So he made me this!” "He worked two weeks on this project and I think it came out great!" Panida says she is so thankful her husband knows his way around building things. 

She uses a Nespresso machine. Which provides different options for what she is in the mood to drink. I asked Panida to let me know when does she drink coffee. Well, she is a lot like me..any and all the time. Panida enjoys Cappuccinos, Lattes, Macchiatos and of course just a regular cup of coffee. 

She's created a cool Coffee Bar for herself and for anyone who cares to enjoy a hot cup of goodness any time of the day. I think creating a cool Coffee bar along with a Cocktail Bar is very chic. A great space for all your special coffee cups and mugs along with additional items such as sugars, flavorings perhaps and utensils. 

Do you have a special spot for coffee? A Coffee Bar perhaps? Be sure to share your photos with me on our Facebook page! 

My thanks to Panida Thierens all the way from Belgium for allowing me to share her cool Coffee Bar photos!