Before they were COOL!

Since Johnny Lolita's wants to share more than our coffee & treats...I wanted to let Johnny "loose" with his tiny living. I know that many of you who follow his personal social media sites knows the man L❤️VES his tiny living. you go Johnny.


It occurred to me the other day that my love affair with Tiny Living/Small Spaces began forty some years ago.

As a kid I was always building forts out of old shipping crates. Tents out of blankets strung on the clothes-line or draped over card tables. I even spent hours designing and building Tiny dwellings with Legos and Lincoln Logs.

Picture courtesy of WikiHow

Picture courtesy of WikiHow

Perhaps this is why I am so enamored by; Tiny Houses, yurts, Shipping Container Homes, Trailers, Cabins...pretty much any form of Small Space living, today.


I embraced the lifestyle before it was cool! I was a Pioneer and didn't even know it.