Coffee In A Flash..... (or as long as it takes to heat water)


With this great world of technology, there are so many cool ways to quickly brew coffee anywhere. I am fascinated with many of the coffee brew systems...due to the technology involved. However, I am a purist and since I love roasting coffee, I love the whole process of grinding, brewing and enjoying coffee. It's like a journey for me considering I have so many ways to brew coffee. 

Let me tell you....I can enjoy a quick cup of coffee when I am in a hurry and doing it via a pour over, a process that has been around for eons.  


AND...if you work in an office and really don't have the space or ability to have a coffee maker, brewing your coffee this way (pour over) is a quick way to brew and enjoy your coffee...just need hot water.  

This particular ceramic pour over is not expensive and you can purchase one from us on or go check out Amazon. If you're into camping or glamping, a ceramic pour over is a perfect and easy way to enjoy. 

Of course I believe in grinding my own fresh beans so a burr grinder is ideal... Pictured is an electric grinder. We've had this for a long long time. 

Easy process, prep your filter by adding hot water to the filter (to remove that paper taste) then you can also heat up your cup by doing this. Then add your coffee and add your hot water and let it pour through... Quick & easy and BAM!!!...wonderful tasting coffee.  


Of course I always suggest a Johnny Lolita's coffee 😁 (shameless plug) YUM!

Quick, easy and delicious....a great and simple way to enjoy coffee anywhere!