We Are About Coffee & More...

Johnny Lolita’s is growing in several directions. As we continue forward, we will provide you more & more information and tell you about the exciting things we are doing. We L-OV-E Coffee and having fresh roasted coffee available for you to enjoy at home will always be key. Secondly, we want you to be able to enjoy that wonderful coffee at home and create the same wonderful brew methods or latte style drinks at home that you find in the wonderful artisan coffee shops around your city/town.

I want to let you know that we can offer our fresh roasted coffee as favors, hostess gifts or corporate gifts for your next big event. In the last year, we’ve done custom gift bags & favors for a couple of wedding showers, a baby shower (everyone got decaf LOL) and some weddings. I am using my handsome nephew and gorgeous niece’s wedding as an example. 

Last year, I had the honor of creating the wedding favors for my nephew and niece. They were having a very simple and classic wedding. I spoke with my soon-to-be-niece on ideas she had and what she wanted to have as a favor. We went with the coffee since we both know that so many of our friends and family drink a lot of coffee. 

Working on favors at home

Working on favors at home

We have different styles to offer in terms of packaging and went with a simple small burlap sack. My niece decided on the style of the tag and what she wanted it to say…. “A Perfect Blend” along with their names and the wedding date. Beautiful, simple and classic…just like my beautiful niece. 

I was very please and excited that the coffee favors were such a hit. Many of the guests were teasing one another how they were going to steal their coffee bags. People really liked the idea. 

So many of the “now” niece’s family came from far far away. We are not even talking about within the US….they flew in from Europe. I was very happy that they enjoyed being a part of the O’Hara family & their excitement to try the coffee they received. 

My nephew recently sent me a picture along with a note from one of my niece’s relatives stating they were thinking of their wonderful time in Arizona at the wedding and enjoying their coffee. A great memory to sit with your hot cup of coffee that they received as a favor and remember the special night and the fun we all had. 

If you are having a special event such as a birthday, shower or wedding….or you are having a corporate event, please feel free to give me a call and I would love to discuss what gifts/favors we can create just for you. 

Lolita 💋