So...How Much Coffee Do I Use????

So....How Much Coffee Do I use?

There's TONS of information on the Internet from great coffee aficionados explaining the ratios of how much coffee to water for a perfect tasting cup.

The best option is always by weight. Even in building and creating recipes....weight is the most accurate. However, not everyone is going to be that accurate BUT wants to enjoy a good cup of coffee without getting it too strong.

Below I put together a simple graph for enjoying 1 cup, 2 cups, 6 or 12 cups of coffee. Simple school of thought....2 Tablespoons of coffee for every 6 fluid ounces of water.

This is a quick reference you can use when making coffee. However, I do get questions from customers who are "first time" Johnny Lolita customers asking how much coffee they should use of mine? My immediate response is simple....however you measure your current coffee and water do the same with Johnny Lolita's. However, if you find that the coffee seems too strong or bitter tasting (bitterness can mean too much coffee per water ratio) cut back slightly on the coffee amount. OR....seems to weak? Add slightly more.

That is true with any new coffee you purchase. If you've been drinking a certain brand for quite will have the coffee amount perfect for you to enjoy your morning or afternoon cup. When you purchase a new coffee and you tried the same amount of coffee you have used in the past and it tastes to strong or bitter....cut back slightly on the coffee. You don't need to cut back a lot just a little at a time to "dial in" your perfect coffee to water ratio.

Most people that enjoy coffee may not be weighing or using the recommended amounts of coffee to water ratio as suggested by so many sites on the Internet. They have their favorite spoon, grandmother's wooden coffee spoon or Dad's beat up aluminum tablespoon (what my Dad used). You certainly don't have to change....just cut back slightly (or add if you have to) and you will find your perfect tasting cup.