A Cup of Coffee

This morning as I was half listening to the news reports regarding the Presidential Inauguration schedule, I heard something that caused me to stop what I was doing. …”Before their ride to the Inauguration ceremony President Obama and President Elect Trump will share a cup of coffee in the Blue Room”….

The final act of a President and the first act of a President, sharing a cup of coffee. Of all the things I might have imagined taking place on such a monumental day, I never even considered that they would take time out to sit and share a cup of coffee. 

A quick bit of research indicated that this has been a tradition since the 19th century. Presidents host their successors on Inauguration Day as a show of civility. For a brief moment, the time it takes to share a cup of coffee; regardless of Party affiliation, these two men are equals. 

How humbling, candid and honest that simple moment must be. How human. What do they discuss? The official Inauguration ceremony has yet to happen. However, the transfer of power takes place over a cup of coffee.  Two men. The two most powerful men in the world at that moment. Each embarking on a new career…and they begin that journey together…with a cup of coffee.