Who Are We?

Three little words....Who-Are-We? 

And yet the response can be more than three words...a sentence...a paragraph...a novel. 

Johnny and I first met in a coffee shop...our love of coffee has continued. To this day coffee remains at the center of our social universe.

We enjoy working together and we each bring different attributes to our business. Roasting coffee, creating confections & baked goods and unique products, salvaged items and accessories to enjoy while entertaining. 

Some of our earliest and fondest memories are of family and friends gathering around the kitchen table visiting, sharing stories and laughs over coffee and maybe something sweet. Becoming coffee roasters  seemed natural to us. We believe our coffee is unique, not what you would find in a grocery store. We are dedicated to quality and providing you the very best cup. And we will deliver right to your home or office (Phoenix metro area) or ship. Johnny has a quote that has remained since we started our business..."Coffee should be enjoyed, not endured." 

I have always been passion about baking and making confections. I can remember as a very small child wanting to bake with my mom. I loved creating delicious desserts and uniquely packaging them as gifts to give to family & friends. This has remained with me throughout my adult life and now I am following that passion once again.

Presentation and great taste...we will make it special. From coffee favors, salted caramels, rustic containers containing cookies for a shower or beautifully wrapped mini cakes or themed containers for a corporate event, we would love to help create a memorable and delicious gift/dessert for your clients, customers or guests. 

We are here to make great coffee, sweets and other products, empower others to live simply and build a community where we disconnect from technology from time-to-time and connect with each other...at home, small gatherings or special events. 

We are very excited about the road we are traveling! We hope you will join us on our journey. 

It isn't about the destination...for me it's all about the journey and how the roads of life intertwine and the people you meet along the way.-Lolita💋