Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's is upon us. The day of L❤️VE! Isn't every day supposed to be a day of love? Do we need a holiday to boast "Hey show that someone you love them!" For just one day? 

When Johnny and I were dating and ever since I would tell him.."Please, do not buy flowers for me on Valentine's Day." I hated to see something, like flowers, that you could purchase within reason every other day of the year...triple in price to show that someone you love them. That's crazy. 

I have friends in the business and hate me for writing this...but I know it goes beyond their flower shops. It's just hard to swallow that after Valentine's Day the flowers will drop in price.  

Johnny is reading over my shoulder as he is pouring me a second cup asking me why I am writing this since I am in the business of selling a product, I have Valentine's Day gifts to sell and I'm telling people basically not to purchase on VD.  

Not true...I don't think you need to have a holiday to let that special someone know you are thinking of them AND I don't think you need to purchase something that changes in price before and after that holiday.  

I have created some gift ideas that won't break the bank....that can be enjoyed...and still have something special and unique after it's all over. 

Hand painted cups

I am beginning a series of hand painted coffee cups. (The Art of Coffee) My first start is with hearts. Yes, perfect for Valentine's Day, however giving this cup to someone (or buying one for yourself) any time of the year perfectly fine.  


What is unique is that no two cups will be exactly alike. They are not created via a computer and machine, they are all hand painted. I use the same color scheme and will create similar cups...however they won't be exact. So you are able to buy just one or if you wish to have a set...they will all go together. The paint is heat treated so it's permanent I would recommend washing by hand. 

I've put together a few gift ideas adding some fresh baked biscottis & dipped pretzels to fresh roasted coffee & Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Wrap in cellophane and add a unique ribbon tie...a very nice gift to give to friends, coworkers or that special someone. We will even add a little note from you. 

If you wish to just purchase the cups by themselves, that's ok too. 


Handmade Pinatas 

Who doesn't love a brightly colored piñata filled with yummy surprises! I know I do. I made these using recycled cardboard, hot glue and crepe paper. You won't have to "beat them with a stick" to recieve your reward of treats...I'll provide a simple opening. 

Heart shaped and your choice of red or pink, PLUS a cute little saying attached. These can be filled with our salted caramels, chocolate clusters or hand dipped pretzels.  


Many of the Valentine's gift ideas cost about $17.50 and go up as high as $24.00. A great price that won't change after the holiday. 

Local delivery!

Thats right! If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we will gladly deliver your gift to home or office. If you wish to send to a coworker...we will deliver. A friend at home?...we will deliver. Anyone here locally  we are happy to deliver for you or deliver to you so you can give it personally. Whatever you like. We do charge a local delivery fee, however it is the same fee we charge holiday or not. It won't rise for is the same price always. 


Have it shipped! 

We will gladly ship your item for you as well. We will wrap it differently to ensure there is no breakage but it will be delivered to that special someone as well. (Shipping fees based on where it's going) 

Get your orders in! 

Due to the fact that the cups and Pinatas are handmade AND they are to be delivered in time for  Valentine's Day, we need to recieve your orders ASAP! 

If you are delivering locally or shipping, we need to have orders in by Feb 6th so we have time to produce. If you are looking for gifts for clients or a party, please reach out to me vial email as soon as you can so I can prepare. I would love to discuss anything you need. 

Feel free to click on this link to the right to check out all our Valentine's gift ideas. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Hope you have a great day!