Pour Over Stations

Pour Over Stations....

A beautifully handmade piece that provides a quick & delicious cup of coffee. I know many of you out there love your single cup Keurig machines. I get that...they are quick and super easy to use. I owned one too, many years ago. AND...I bought a commercial version that was plumbed right into my water system. 

The one thing that we never liked about our Keurig was that the coffee never seemed hot enough. I know that is probably more MY problem than the machine, but I do like a hot cup of coffee and I do like to sip and enjoy and not have it cool down so fast. 

Since starting our business and roasting coffee, Johnny has been searching for unique ways to build simple pour over stations that we could take with us everywhere and enjoy a great cup of coffee. We've seen many wonderful ideas via Pinterest and have created some of our own. 

We are looking to build additional stations using salvaged items and maybe adding other elements. Johnny enjoys working with wood so I had him create a large pour over station where I could pour up to 3 single cups of coffee. I wanted a couple so I could take with me to "Home Parties" or events. These work great as I can travel and use them as a crate to fill with coffee, creamer, sugar etc. Many people have really liked them and Johnny has begun designing other styles that are smaller or more compact for any size home. 

What is great about these in wood is that we can stain the station and possibly add initials or a name. You see here I have our logo. We are also looking into wood burning as well. 

The neat thing is that you can hide all your items like the ceramic pour over, creamer, sugar, honey etc. and flip it around so it shows just the front. It fits under the cabinet too. 

Another style Johnny & I really like is more of an industrial style. So with the help of Pinterest we made this copper tubing style. Equipped with a heat proof funnel!

I love the simplicity of it and its compact to hide anywhere you wish. A customer of mine saw some Instagram pics of it and loved it so much, she wanted to have Johnny make her one for her office! 

We are going to be adding more of these pour over stations on our website, however, if you are interested in a wood style or our industrial copper style...drop me a line...I would love to chat! 

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