The "Shack" is Back!

Many of you have wondered, "What does Johnny do when he is not supervising Lolita?" Excellent question! More correctly stated, "What does Johnny do to stay out of Lolita's way so that she doesn't strangle him?" I buy, sell, collect and create stuff!

Johnny's Junk Shack is back! When visiting Johnny Lolita's for coffee, confections and event services, wander through the shop and take a peek into the back room (so to speak). You'll find an ever changing assortment of cool gift ideas. Antiques, vintage items, unique hand-made items, collectibles, ephemera, photos, art and more! Just as with Lolita's awesome coffee, we can ship right to your front door or, deliver in the Phoenix metro area. Johnny's Junk Shack

Spring in in the air and you know what that means...Spring Cleaning! Do you have things tucked away in closets and cupboards that you'd like gone? Contact me directly at to see how I can help. 

Look for updates on events which Johnny's Junk Shack will be participating in (both in person and virtual). It's good to be back!