Pour Over Coffee Maker by Kitchables

Product Review

Johnny & I L-O-V-E coffee, there is no doubt about it. Since I love to roast in-season coffee beans, I always enjoy trying the different brewing techniques available. It's great to go out and grab a cup with friends or when heading into work. At times...it's nice to brew, sit and enjoy your favorite roasted beans at home. 

We enjoy the wide variety of ways to brew coffee from French Press, Pour Over or AeroRress to Clever Dripper or Moka Pot...we enjoy it all. 

We decided to try out a Pour Over from Kitchables to see how it works and share our thoughts. We put together a video (about 6 minutes) that goes into detail about the product. This is a raw video...nothing fancy, just the facts! LOL So forgive the editing and special effects. To view...click below and enjoy.


If you would like the quick lowdown, here it is;

  • Stainless steel-keeps water at optimal temperature
  • Made with a perforated outer cone and a fine mesh on the inside of cone for a great filtered cup of coffee with little or no residue
  • Seemed to pour through quickly (quick for me) however, the taste was rich and clean
  • Cup stayed hot (I LOVE hot hot coffee)
  • Clean up was a breeze. The grounds seemed to slip off the fine mesh. 
  • The taste was great (Lolita's Blend- yes shameless plug). No residue at bottom of cup. 

What's great is that you can make a  single cup or 2-4 cups (depending on the size you buy) as quick as it is to heat water. Simple and you can take it with you to work, camping etc. 

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I hope you found this information valuable...if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Lolita 💋