Let's Make Irish Coffee


"If you are lucky enough to be born Irish, you are lucky enough". ~Unknown

It's a great time of year...Right in the middle of Lenten season...Christmas is a distant memory, Spring is around the corner which means warmer weather (hopefully) and people are gearing up for spring break. THEN....here comes St Patrick's Day. A day that was the holiest of holy days for our family. (wink wink smiley face) My parents were hosting a party or going to one. Either way, there was a party. 

When I was older, and after college, I moved to Southern CA. There was a great place I loved hanging out in Newport Beach CA. It was a little Irish Pub/Restaurant called Muldoon's Irish Pub. As the sun begins to set in SoCal, it always cools down quite a bit even in the summer. I always enjoyed a wonderful cup of Irish Coffee made dark with some good ol' Irish Whiskey. Still a favorite beverage for me today AND especially since I roast coffee...well it's an awesome cup! 

A little history about the beginning of Irish coffee:

Irish Coffee began back in 1942 at an airbase near Limerick. This was a main airport for Flying Boats flying between Europe and the US. Weather along the west coast of Ireland can be very bad causing the fights to return back to the airbase and waiting for the weather to clear. 

On a particular stormy winter night, a pilot decided to return back to the airbase and wait out the storm. Mostly of Americans, (the flight was heading into New York) the restaurant was informed that the flight would be returning and the passengers would be there overnight. A young Irish Chef Joe Sheridan decided to prepare the passengers a warm and wonderful drink. He brewed rich dark coffee, added a small amount of brown sugar, some Irish Whiskey and floated some creme on top. As the passengers began to take in their first sip they were amazed at the wonderful taste. A passenger asked "Hey is this Brazilian Coffee?" "No" Chef Joe replied..."It's  Irish Coffee."

Irish Coffee became a staple on the menu and if it wasn't for a travel writer, Stanton Deplane, it wouldn't have become such an international success. Stanton took the recipe to Jack Keoppler, a bartender at the infamous Buena Vista in San Francisco where they worked diligently to recreate the recipe. The problem was that the whipped creme kept sinking to the bottom. Through trial and error they realized they needed to add a little sugar and make a thick creme, not cold whipped creme to set on top. 

Today, the Buena Vista is still famous for making and selling Irish Coffees. They say that they average about 2,000 Irish Coffees a day.

I am adding the original (and awesome tasting) Irish Coffee from the Buena Vista. Dazzle your friends & family and offer this wonderful drink on these cool/chilly nights. 

Here is the original Joe Sheridan Irish Coffee Recipe:

Cream - Rich as an Irish Brogue  
Coffee - Strong as a Friendly Hand
Sugar - Sweet as the tongue of a Rogue
Whiskey - Smooth as the Wit of the Land.

Pre-heat a clear stemmed glass with very hot water. Empty the water, and add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Now add some freshly brewed rich coffee and stir.  As soon as the sugar is melted, add a generous measure of Irish Whiskey (about 2.5cl). Stir again, then wait for the brew to still. Now take a hot teaspoon and pour gently whipped fresh cream slowly over the back of the spoon. The cream should be "half whipped" i.e. not too stiff and not too liquid. 

I suggest Lolita's Blend, Brazil Dark or any dark roasted coffee of your choosing as your coffee base for this wonderful Irish drink. Cheers, or if you wish to say it in gaelic, Slàinte




Making Espresso Based Drinks With a Moka Pot


Since the beginning, I've been a big promoter of enjoying coffee at home. With family and friends...getting together over a cup of coffee and something sweet...always made for a good time!

I also believe that you can make a lot of great tasting coffee drinks at home AND they might even taste just as good (or better) than when you head out! I'm not saying to never go out and enjoy coffee, just like I would say to never go out to enjoy a wonderful meal. People tend to go out every day for coffee and spending a lot of money. Instead enjoy coffee out every once in awhile...purchase great, fresh roasted coffee from your local roaster and make great tasting coffee at home. 

However, I wanted to talk about a great little piece of old school/workhorse/simple & easy equipment to make coffee or rather espresso right on your stove top.  Then... you can use it to make other great tasting espresso based drinks. (wink wink smiley face)

A Moka Pot, sometimes called macchinetta del caffè (means small coffee machine) is a stove top coffee maker. Whether you use gas, electric or right on a campfire...this is a great little coffee/espresso maker to use anywhere. 

The basic function is that it works similar to a pressure cooker. It has a valve that goes down to the small water tank to build up pressure to go through the grounds giving you coffee brewed at a higher temperature and a higher pressure delivering more of an espresso. 

There a several sizes to choice from...I have a 6 cup (which is literally 6 espresso sized cups). This is the one I sell online as well. However they have some that are smaller such as a 2 cup or bigger like a 10-12 cup. 

The great part is that you can make some great drinks right at home with this gem. Here are some ideas. 

  • Basic Espresso-Right out of the pot right into your espresso cup. Its short but strong. Enjoy straight up. What's nice is that you will get a bit of the crema like you will see when making from a big espresso machine. 
  • Americano- The name comes from WWII when the American soldiers were in Italy and requesting coffee from the Italian coffee houses. Italians don't drink brewed coffee like we do...it's espresso. So when the soldiers didn't like the strong taste, they asked them to add some hot water. Since then when a solider came in the coffee owners and staff called the drink an AmericanoPour your espresso into a standard size mug and add hot water (close to boiling or from a kettle) up to the rim. Depending on your personal taste, add some creme or sugar or both!
  • Latte- A latte s basically 1/3 of espresso and 2/3 hot milk. Depending on the size latte cup you are using, fill 1/3 with espresso and add 2/3 heated milk (whole, nonfat, 2%, almond, soy, cashew, etc). There are several ways to create the froth such as a steamer/frother, microwave can give you that effect or take a whisk and stir in air quickly to give you the billowy froth. Now you have a latte. Add a flavor such as cinnamon, or a couple of drops of extract such as vanilla, maple, eggnog, hazelnut OR add some pumpkin Spice...YUM! Remember, you can pour this over ice for a cold version too.
  • Mocha- It's a latte with cocoa. In your latte cup, add some cocoa powder. Or add a square of 100% cocoa chocolate. I like it to be richer with a less sweet taste and if I need it to taste a little sweeter, I might add some stevia. However, you can use chocolate syrup/sauce, a Hershey's kiss (or two), whatever "floats your boat". Finish off by adding your espresso and your hot milk and you have a wonderful tasty treat. Just like the latte, enjoy it hot or over ice. Who loves chocolate? This GAL! 

The Mocha Pot, which has been around since 1933, is a great addition to your home brewing accessories. I do have some in stock, however, check out Amazon or look up Moka Pot or Bialetti and check out all the sizes available. 

Price point is NOT expensive. (6 cup runs about $39.99) and a great way to enjoy some of the espresso based drinks you love to order out and enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment or right me directly shawn@johnnylolitas.com




Pour Over Coffee Maker by Kitchables

Product Review

Johnny & I L-O-V-E coffee, there is no doubt about it. Since I love to roast in-season coffee beans, I always enjoy trying the different brewing techniques available. It's great to go out and grab a cup with friends or when heading into work. At times...it's nice to brew, sit and enjoy your favorite roasted beans at home. 

We enjoy the wide variety of ways to brew coffee from French Press, Pour Over or AeroRress to Clever Dripper or Moka Pot...we enjoy it all. 

We decided to try out a Pour Over from Kitchables to see how it works and share our thoughts. We put together a video (about 6 minutes) that goes into detail about the product. This is a raw video...nothing fancy, just the facts! LOL So forgive the editing and special effects. To view...click below and enjoy.


If you would like the quick lowdown, here it is;

  • Stainless steel-keeps water at optimal temperature
  • Made with a perforated outer cone and a fine mesh on the inside of cone for a great filtered cup of coffee with little or no residue
  • Seemed to pour through quickly (quick for me) however, the taste was rich and clean
  • Cup stayed hot (I LOVE hot hot coffee)
  • Clean up was a breeze. The grounds seemed to slip off the fine mesh. 
  • The taste was great (Lolita's Blend- yes shameless plug). No residue at bottom of cup. 

What's great is that you can make a  single cup or 2-4 cups (depending on the size you buy) as quick as it is to heat water. Simple and you can take it with you to work, camping etc. 

We've included a link below. Johnny and I are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. You will not be charged anything extra, however we will receive a fee should you decide to purchase. 



I hope you found this information valuable...if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Lolita 💋

How-To Order Online for Phoenix Metro Delivery

Johnny Lolita's is now in Arizona and we offer local delivery in the Phoenix metro area. If you want a fresh roasted bag of coffee...something sweet...or a unique gift for that special someone, we can deliver right to your door... at home or office. 

However, many of you asked..."How do I do this? Well, you can do it through our website. It's not just for shipping out-of-state...it's for local delivery too!

I've put together a video showing our website and how you can order anything we sell online and have it delivered right to you here in Phoenix. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! I hope I get to see your smiling face real soon! 

Lolita 💋 

REMINDER! Time To Clean Your Coffee Brewers

Getting ready to be cleaned

Getting ready to be cleaned

I know there is talk or saying~"Don't clean your coffee maker, it's well seasoned and keeps your coffee tasting great!" Uh....No! In my opinion, that's gross.  

If you don't have an RO system (reverse osmosis) or other filter action system, your coffee brewers/makers will build up a lot of calcium and minerals that will soon ruin your coffee brewer of choice AND makes your coffee start to taste a little yucky. AND...using filtered water WILL build up deposits and minerals too. 

So it's nice to clean them out often to keep your coffee makers brewing great coffee.  

The one I turn to is Distilled White Vinegar. I'm sure you are familiar of the advantages of using Distilled Vingear to decalcify. When you notice your coffee maker not driping as quickly as it used to, it's time to get the vinegar out. 

It's not just for salads.  

It's not just for salads.  

As you know, I have just about every style of coffee brewer from single pour to espresso machine. However, I love this electric Pour Over that Johnny purchased for me. Unfortunately they stopped making them for the US because people complained that it wouldn't fit under there kitchen cabinets. Who cares!!!! I love it because after it brews you can unplug it and carry it by the top handle to your dinning table to serve coffee. Everything stays in place...the coffee carafe never moves as you maneuver through the house. It's super cool.  

Anyway, I will take about half of a small bottle of vinegar and pour up top. Whatever coffee maker you have just add to the reservoir. I usually let that sit for a few minutes just on its own. Then I will turn on the coffee maker and begin brewing through as if I'm making coffee. It's amazing how quick and easy this is. If you feel you need to run it again with vinegar, let your coffee carafe cool and just pour the vinegar back through and start the brewing process again. 

Next, discard the vinegar from your carafe and wash with soapy water. If there are other removable parts, I would suggest you wash those as well. You are now wanting to remove the vinegar from your carafe and coffee parts. 

For espresso machines and use for other coffee accessories

For espresso machines and use for other coffee accessories

Lastly, add water to your coffee reservoir and and run water through the maker a couple of times to remove any residual vinegar. When you think you've run enough water through the machine, I would take a sip of the hot water you just ran through. Make sure it doesn't taste "vinegar-y". I learned the hard way years ago when Johnny had cleaned the coffee maker and maybe ran one cycle of water through. He poured me the first cup of coffee and when. I took a large sip...it was the most vinegar tasting coffee...so horrible I ran to the sink to spit it out. Of course I asked him " How many times did you run plain water through?" His immediate answer to this type of questioning is typically "I don't know!" "Is it bad?" I told him to taste it...he wouldn't. (Wink wink smiley face)  

If you are a serious coffee drinker, you should keep up on all coffee brewers in your home. Be sure to review instructions on your maker to ensure you can add vinegar to clean. I have a commercial espresso machine and I use a product called Cafiza. You can order on Amazon and a little goes a long way. 

Sparkling clean

Sparkling clean

I will take a 1/4 teaspoon of Cafiza and add to my Chemex and French Press with hot water and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Everything comes out sparkling clean. This product works great on some of your coffee accessories to clean up the coffee oils and residue. Again, be sure to check with your manual on best practices of cleaning any coffee maker and especially the semi automatic and automatic espresso machines. Those will have specific instructions on how to properly clean and keep running smoothly so you'll never miss a drop of good tasting java. 





Pour Overs & Clever Drippers-A Great Way to Brew Your Favorite Coffee At Work

It seems we are running 100 MPH. We are so busy with family...running kids to school and practice, weekly errands that must be done, commitments with volunteering, working out AND for many...WORK! 

My reason for roasting coffee is to enjoy that great cup of coffee at home. Sharing laughter with family and friends over a cup of coffee after a great meal...while at home. 

Fresh grind coffee beans

Fresh grind coffee beans

Come Monday morning and you're rushing around, who has time for coffee at home. So you grab a coffee out OR you grab a cup at the office which may or may not be good. Some offices do have some sort of Kuerig which is a quick way to get a cup of coffee and many of our customers will grind their Johnny Lolita's coffee for their reusable filter.  A great way to enjoy your favorite fresh roasted coffee. 

If you're not fortunate to have a great way to grab a cup of coffee at work and you don't wish to buy a cup of coffee out everyday...you can brew coffee yourself at work in about 4 minutes. All you need is your fresh roasted coffee, a microwave, your coffee cup and a pour over or clever dripper. 

Enjoying fresh roasted coffee is simple. You probably don't wish to grind your beans at work so grind at home. If you have a hectic morning, go ahead and grind your beans the night before. Store your fresh grounds in a small mason jar to take to work. 

A coffee cup/mug, a ceramic pour over or clever dripper and some filters along with your coffee is all you need. You don't need a lot of space to store and it takes just a few minutes to make. 

Pour overs and clever dripper are easy to use, store and great for 1-2 cups of coffee. A clever dripper works slightly different and many would say it is easier than a pour over. There is no need to "pre-wet" the filter and you soak the grounds then release verses the ceramic pour over where you slowly add hot water as it continues to pour through the filter. It is more of an immersion way of brewing your coffee. The other cool thing is that you set it on a flat surface and it will not drain until you "sit it' on top of your cup or decanter. 

Ceramic Pour Over

Ceramic Pour Over

I will provide some simple directions...However, for the true coffee enthusiasts, you will be much more precise with your grind, water temp and coffee ratio. Here, I want to show that anyone can make a great cup of coffee while they are away from home. 

I have both options (honestly, I have just about every way to brew coffee. wink wink smiley face). Depending on my mood and what I am doing when I am away, I will grab one of them to go. 

I guess the important thing is to have access to hot water. Some places offer a hot water machine which would work in a pinch. If you have access to a microwave that works great too. 

Getting the water just below boiling is what you are seeking. Don't worry if you don't have a way to measure how hot it is, just get the water to boil (in the microwave) and then let it sit for a minute. 

The rest of the instructions will be individualized based on the Pour Over or Clever Dripper. 

Ceramic Pour Over

  • Grind 3 Tablespoons coffee to a medium fine (like table salt).
  • Grab a filter and place in pour over.
  • Run hot water through the filter and cup to pretreat filter and heat mug/cup.
  • Empty water out of cup.
  • Add coffee grounds to pretreated filter.
  • Add water to just saturate the grounds with hot water (just off boil).
  • Stir and agitate the wet grounds and break any clumps.
  • Fill pour over with remaining hot water in a circular motion starting in a small circle and growing to the outside washing the grounds down the sides of the filter. You will add about 12 ounces of hot water.
  • In 2 minutes brew time your mug is ready.


Clever Dripper via Amazon

Clever Dripper via Amazon

Clever Dripper

  • Grind 1 1/2 Tablespoons coffee to a medium coarse grind.
  • Grab a filter and place in clever dripper.
  • You can pretreat the filter by pouring hot water into the filter and clever dripper. Then place dripper onto your mug and let the water release and drain from dripper. If you don't, thats ok.
  • Be sure to empty drained water from your mug.
  • Add your grounds to your clever dripper and pour enough hot water to saturate the coffee grounds. You will see it "bloom" (the grounds seem to rise and bubble up like its blooming, hence the name).
  • Add remaining hot water to dripper and put the lid on top and let it sit for about 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, place your clever dripper on top of your cup/mug which will cause the dripper to release your brewed coffee into the cup.
  • Enjoy! 

If you are a coffee purist, you'll be much more precise in your measuring. However, anyone can (and should) enjoy their fresh roasted coffee beans regardless of where you buy your favorite coffee or where you are...especially at the office where you spend most of your day. 

Two simple brewing options, however, there are plenty more options out there that I will share in the coming weeks. If you're interested in purchasing these items, go to Amazon. They have these and many more!  Thanks for taking the time to read and be sure to share our post with friends & family. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 

Lolita 💋




Turquoise Trail Now Lolita's Blend

I know I have caused a bit of confusion over the last several weeks with our customers. I apologize that I didn't forward people of the name change of our favorite "House" coffee. Turquoise Trail is now called Lolita's Blend. So, why the name change? 

Because I love making you all crazy...(wink wink, smiley face). Seriously...my goal is NOT to make you crazy. So I am truly sorry that I had people in a panic. I received several calls and emails asking why I was no longer making Turquoise Trail?!!! Why would I remove that  blend from our line up of coffee. That was their favorite coffee!!! 

Lolita's Blend
Bean Selection:
Add To Cart

On our website, I guess I didn't make it very clear that it was still the same wonderful blend only the name had changed. I didn't realize when you go to the shopping page that people are seeking Turquoise Trail and not seeing that listed, they assumed it was gone. It's not it just has a new name. 

So, why the name change? Johnny and I have discussed this ad nauseam. He always wanted me to name the blend after me, since I was the one that created it. I was always looking for a different name other than mine. So for the last 3+ years, I have been listening to Johnny tell me that I should use my name. 

Well, I finally gave in. It is STILL the rich delicious flavor you have enjoyed with Turquoise Trail. The ONLY thing that has changed is the name... I love this coffee. It is a blend of two high quality single origin beans delivering a smooth full body and rich taste. You can taste the smooth richness of cocoa, caramel/nutty flavor with a slight citrus finish. We roast each single origin bean separately, roasting one dark and one medium roast. A wonderful combination for any coffee lover. 

It is our #1 seller and it is not going anywhere. I appreciate all of my loyal customers and friends who were upset for removing Turquoise Trail coffee. It's there with a new name...Lolita's Blend. 

Lolita 💋

What The Chaff???!!!!

Cleaning out coffee chaff  

Cleaning out coffee chaff  

It's that time again where I do maintenance on our roaster. How much you're roasting, the types of beans you're roasting and how you are roasting the beans will determine how often you'll be doing maintenance and upkeep. 

Depending on the beans... you can get a quick build up of chaff. So what the heck is chaff?  Coffee chaff is the waste product that is the hull or skin from the bean. It reminds me of the roasted Spanish peanuts....you know when it has that skin that covers it. Well you get a lot of chaff from coffee beans.

And...it clings to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Doesn't matter what you have on...it will stick on like static. Needless to say, it's fun fun fun to clean up. (Said no roaster ever) 

Chaff up close  

Chaff up close  

However, it's great for gardening. Since we are now in Arizona, I want to reach out and find some local urban gardens that could use it. The coffee chaff is great for gardens. Some of the benefits; It is high in nutrients especially nitrogen, speeds up the growth of vegetables especially tomatoes and it wards off harmful slugs and snails. 

Most people are aware of the benefits of the coffee grounds for the soil....now add some coffee chaff in there as well. I'm off to search for a gardner who would like some coffee chaff. 

Make it an awesome day.  


Coconut Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Coconut water available at most grocery or health food stores  

Coconut water available at most grocery or health food stores  

My L❤️VE affair with coffee continues....I am always seeking great recipes and thinking, "hmmm, this would taste great together with coffee!" I am continuing my series of great tasting iced coffee drinks to enjoy all summer long.  

Not sure if you've tried coconut water, I started drinking it about a year ago and really enjoy the taste. I read that it is a very healthy alternative drink (be sure to pick up coconut water without added sugar or juices). There are some great benefits to drinking coconut water such as aiding in digestion, rich in nutrients, boosts hydration AND I've heard that it can help should you wake with a hangover....hmm.(wink wink smiley face)  

I digress....anyway, I really like the taste and wanted to see if I could incorporate it with my cold brew coffee. The answer is yes you can! Obviously I am not the only one, there are others who cold brew with coconut water instead of plain water and there are other coconut/coffee drinks so at least I know I was on the right track. I don't wish to "cold brew" my coffee with coconut water because I do like doing other thinks with my cold brew such as drinking it straight, heating it or creating another drink. This way I start with coffee and water and should I want to make a coconut based drink, I can add to it.

1/2 Cold Brew and 1/2 Coconut Water

1/2 Cold Brew and 1/2 Coconut Water

A very simple recipe and there's no right or wrong way in regards to amounts. Since I do make a cold brew concentrate I don't need as much of the cold brew coffee. However, you might like it a little weaker than I do so adjust to your taste. 

Adding Coconut water to cold brew coffee  

Adding Coconut water to cold brew coffee  

Should you need the recipe to make Cold Brew Coffee, be sure to click here

Heres what you'll need; 

  • Cold Brew Coffee (if you don't have cold brew, make some coffee and cool it down) 
  • Coconut water
  • Ice

Take your glass of choice and fill with ice. Pour about 1/4 to 1/2 of cold brew. I like a strong tasting coffee so I add 1/2. Johnny decided to use a straight Ethiopian coffee verses his Johnny's Cold Brew Blend. The straight Ethiopian is a complete fruit and berry taste which makes great iced coffee. The Johnny's Cold Brew Blend offers a cocoa, nutty and fruit taste. However, use your favorite coffee or what you have in the cupboard. Fill remaining glass with coconut water. Viola! Coconut Cold Brew Iced. 

Optional...add a shot of creme

Optional...add a shot of creme

I don't add sugar to my coffee, however you may like a spoonful of sugar or whatever sweetness you like to add. For a creamy taste, add a shot of creme. It takes it to a sweeter level and the results are delicious. 

Johnny tasting and enjoying 😍 

Johnny tasting and enjoying 😍 

Please comment or send me a note and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

Lolita 💋 


Milk & Honey Latte Via Cold Brew

Milk & Honey Latte

Milk & Honey Latte

Since we relocated to the Phoenix AZ area, we are enjoying...scratch that enduring...scratch that one too....tolerating the summer heat! I've decided to do some research, creating and massive taste testing on some cold/iced/frozen coffee infused drinks to share in the coming weeks.

We have a simple one to start with...it's one I drink when I want a little iced treat during the day and love to share with my friends when I have them over. What's great is the milk you choose can be any kind...I like to use soy milk but you can use almond milk, skim, 2%, whatever you want. 

I have the recipe for Cold Brew Coffee available in a previous blog. To get the recipe, click here. Here's the quick and simple recipe;


  • 1/4 cup of cold brew concentrate  
  • 1 cup of cold milk (whole, skim, almond, soy etc) 
  • 2 teaspoons of honey


  • Pour your cold brew coffee in a tumbler or glass of choice
  • In a small microwave safe cup of bowl, heat the honey. Shouldn't take long to heat such a small amount. 
  • In a separate cup or small glass, add your cold milk. Start stirring the milk and add the heated honey. By heating the honey it will help prevent it from hardening in the milk. (Honey will dissolve much easier in the cold milk than it will in the cold brew coffee or the coffee and milk)
  • Once dissolved add the milk and honey mixture to the cold brew coffee.  
  • Chill in the fridge if needed or enjoy! 

Having friends over?... Make a head of time in a large container and simply double or quadruple the recipe in a pitcher. Set in the fridge and when your guest arrive...wonderful chilled milk & honey lattes.  

I tend to use coffee ice cubes to enjoy it sooner with added coffee flavor from the ice cubes OR use regular ice cubes should you wish to put together and serve immediately. There really is no wrong way to make it. 

I hope you enjoy. Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts and how you made yours,  

Lolita 💋