Pre-Order for Valentine's Day

You may have already seen posts regarding two of our upcoming events in February, (Sip & Shop 2/9/19 and Red Wine & Chocolate Weekend 2/16 - 17/19). Some of the items we will be featuring include our Cigar Boxes filled with our own Chocolate Cubana’s, our Truffles and our ever popular Sugar Cookies. Most certainly there will be additional treats and surprises added to the menu.

For those of you who wish to get your orders in early, now is the time to do so. We will have your order ready for pickup at either event.

These delicious treats sell out fast. so reserve yours today! Our operators are standing by to take your order.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's is upon us. The day of L❤️VE! Isn't every day supposed to be a day of love? Do we need a holiday to boast "Hey show that someone you love them!" For just one day? 

When Johnny and I were dating and ever since I would tell him.."Please, do not buy flowers for me on Valentine's Day." I hated to see something, like flowers, that you could purchase within reason every other day of the year...triple in price to show that someone you love them. That's crazy. 

I have friends in the business and hate me for writing this...but I know it goes beyond their flower shops. It's just hard to swallow that after Valentine's Day the flowers will drop in price.  

Johnny is reading over my shoulder as he is pouring me a second cup asking me why I am writing this since I am in the business of selling a product, I have Valentine's Day gifts to sell and I'm telling people basically not to purchase on VD.  

Not true...I don't think you need to have a holiday to let that special someone know you are thinking of them AND I don't think you need to purchase something that changes in price before and after that holiday.  

I have created some gift ideas that won't break the bank....that can be enjoyed...and still have something special and unique after it's all over. 

Hand painted cups

I am beginning a series of hand painted coffee cups. (The Art of Coffee) My first start is with hearts. Yes, perfect for Valentine's Day, however giving this cup to someone (or buying one for yourself) any time of the year perfectly fine.  


What is unique is that no two cups will be exactly alike. They are not created via a computer and machine, they are all hand painted. I use the same color scheme and will create similar cups...however they won't be exact. So you are able to buy just one or if you wish to have a set...they will all go together. The paint is heat treated so it's permanent I would recommend washing by hand. 

I've put together a few gift ideas adding some fresh baked biscottis & dipped pretzels to fresh roasted coffee & Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Wrap in cellophane and add a unique ribbon tie...a very nice gift to give to friends, coworkers or that special someone. We will even add a little note from you. 

If you wish to just purchase the cups by themselves, that's ok too. 


Handmade Pinatas 

Who doesn't love a brightly colored piñata filled with yummy surprises! I know I do. I made these using recycled cardboard, hot glue and crepe paper. You won't have to "beat them with a stick" to recieve your reward of treats...I'll provide a simple opening. 

Heart shaped and your choice of red or pink, PLUS a cute little saying attached. These can be filled with our salted caramels, chocolate clusters or hand dipped pretzels.  


Many of the Valentine's gift ideas cost about $17.50 and go up as high as $24.00. A great price that won't change after the holiday. 

Local delivery!

Thats right! If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we will gladly deliver your gift to home or office. If you wish to send to a coworker...we will deliver. A friend at home?...we will deliver. Anyone here locally  we are happy to deliver for you or deliver to you so you can give it personally. Whatever you like. We do charge a local delivery fee, however it is the same fee we charge holiday or not. It won't rise for is the same price always. 


Have it shipped! 

We will gladly ship your item for you as well. We will wrap it differently to ensure there is no breakage but it will be delivered to that special someone as well. (Shipping fees based on where it's going) 

Get your orders in! 

Due to the fact that the cups and Pinatas are handmade AND they are to be delivered in time for  Valentine's Day, we need to recieve your orders ASAP! 

If you are delivering locally or shipping, we need to have orders in by Feb 6th so we have time to produce. If you are looking for gifts for clients or a party, please reach out to me vial email as soon as you can so I can prepare. I would love to discuss anything you need. 

Feel free to click on this link to the right to check out all our Valentine's gift ideas. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Hope you have a great day! 



Tis The Season For Gift Giving!

Wow! Wasn't it just Halloween? I can't believe that the holidays are here. We've been busy roasting and baking for several holiday events plus doing some fun catering and corporate gift giving for clients. 

Coffee Gift Subscription

Coffee Gift Subscription

If you're in a quandary for gifts, you can always call me and see if there is something we can create and customize for you. In the are some gift ideas to check out. 

A Gift of Coffee:  Like Cousin Eddie says in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,  "It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long." You can set up for any amount. You can order 1 bag or more to be locally delivered by hand or shipped on a monthly basis. Fresh roasted coffe delivered to your door and be charged on a math.y basis. You can choose how many months you wish to have coffee delivered...12 months, 6 months, 3 months or 1 month... Whatever you like. Just contact me to set up your gift subscription. 

Hot chocolate on a stick

Hot chocolate on a stick

Hot Chocolate On A Stick:  who doesn't love a rich cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night. All you do is add your favorite hot milk, 2%, almond or soy, add your chocolate on a stick and stir.  Looking for a dark, rich Mocha Coffee...add one of these to your coffee. A rich dessert in your cup. Available in a 2,4 or 6 pack. We will wrap in festive ribbon. 

Salted Caramels:  Made fresh and with all natural ingredients. A sweet caramel chew with a hint of sea salt.  

Salted Caramels, Coffee Caramel Sauce

Salted Caramels, Coffee Caramel Sauce

Half-N-Half:  How about a little coffee and hot chocolate? Great gift for co-workers, friends and family.  

Lolita's Coffee Caramel Sauce:  What a wonderful treat, dip your favorite fruit or pretzels, pour over ice cream or just grab a spoon. infused with our coffee gives you a hint of coffee to the caramel flavor. 

Merry Holy*Latte: A fun gift for anyone who loves a latte. A sample of fresh coffee, syrup,whisk and directions on how to make a latte at home. Wrapped in a cute burlap sack. We have choices of flavors too.

Lolita's Chocolate Clusters:  A popular sweet that goes great with coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans and pecans dipped in a rich dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt to finish it off.  

Chocolate Clusters, Holly*Latte Bag and Half-N-Half

Chocolate Clusters, Holly*Latte Bag and Half-N-Half

Mug Huggers:  A fun way to enjoy a mini gingerbread cookie with your coffee. Just hang it in the rim of your coffee cup. Sweet and spicy gingerbread with a lemon icing. Simple and delicious. Makes a great gift to set at the place settings for guests arriving for dinner, teachers or your awesome clients. We can make as many as you need just give us a call for larger orders. 

If you're looking to put something together in a container, contact me and let's create something special for you.  Be sure to check out our website for additional items we have. 

Mug Huggers

Mug Huggers

When it comes to shipping, we are quickly approaching the cut-off date. With Christmas being on a Sunday you need to order now so we can fulfill by next week and ship out.  

Local deliveries have a little more time...give us a call and if you need something special for an event let me know how we can help.  

Wishing all of you a Merry, Happy and Joyous Holiday Season.  

Lolita 🎄 


Gingerbread Houses That Sits On Your Mug

Do you know what goes great with a cup of fresh roasted coffee from Johnny Lolita's? How about a cute "Mug Hugger"!

House on a mug

House on a mug

I started playing around with the idea this summer. Always planning for the holidays. This is my own stencil design that I put together. This is not some brand new has been done before by others. 

However, I have been using an old family gingerbread recipe that makes the gingerbread stay consistent in size when baking and it has a great "ginger snap" taste. 

I use a royal icing recipe, however I use a meringue powder verses egg whites so that you don't have to worry about eating it right away. It is a "food safe" alternative. 

What a great gift to give someone you love. We can create a cute gift with a coffee mug, a mug hugger and some coffee! can mix it with our hot chocolate on a stick! 

Realtor gifts, corporate gifts, family too

Realtor gifts, corporate gifts, family too

This make a great corporate gift or customer "thank you". Also great for realtors who are seeking some cute gifts they can give out with their business card attached. 

Taking orders now and I will have on the website soon. 

Lolita 💋

Do you know what goes great with Lolita's coffee? Peach Cobbler Crisp!

I've been busy this summer working on great sweets & treats for all to enjoy. One avenue I'm working on is great individual treats for one to enjoy at an event, party or to give as a gift! Many of you know my Lolita's Sin Cake" and I have mastered the ability to create a single serving in a mason jar. So that is my kick...mason jars. They've been around forever and so many are embracing "food-in-a-jar". 

Set of Peach Crisps in mason jars.  

Set of Peach Crisps in mason jars.  

This past week I perfected a Peach Cobbler/Crisp in a mason jar. I decided to introduce it at a get together and it was a big hit. Very tasty....not too sweet...but just enough. A homemade graham cracker crust on the bottom, filled with fresh peaches and topped with a crispy crumble. 

How fun to have this on hand at a special party. I can label them for your party or event and provide a simple wooden utensil wrapped together. By the way...this Peach Crisp pairs nicely with Lolita's Blend and Ethiopian coffee. (wink, wink, smiley face)

Tested out on some friends...a big hit!  

Tested out on some friends...a big hit!  

If you're interested in learning more about our specialty sweets for your next event...looking for a unique special gift for a a special thank you to your customer...I would be happy to help. 

Because good coffee and a sweet is a special gift for family, friend and for yourself! 


My First Cookbook...Where It Began.

First cookbook

First cookbook

When my Mom passed away, I was truly in shock. We (me and my brothers) were all in shock. She managed to escape death for so many years and with so many unusual challenges that the average person never would have dealt with like she did and survived. However, the last time was too much for her heart to handle.

So when we went to close out her estate and clean out the house, we tried to do it in an organized fashion and yet enjoyed looking through our memories that filled our parent's home. My mom had a box filled with all kinds of scrap books, newspaper clipping pictures, etc. I basically took all the contents and added more and taped it up to go through another day. 

That box has remained taped up for almost 4 years and I finally took it aside and began going through the contents. I knew this would be a teary moment as your memories begin to grow as each picture, newspaper clipping or written card was touched with careful hands due to its age and opened.

I was really surprised at the memories my mom and dad kept from each of their children. I was amazed and yet so emotional when I found this item...and as the memories unlocked the cobwebs of my brain...I felt happiness and knew that what I am doing today is what I am meant to do. 

These were the products I saved proof of purchases

These were the products I saved proof of purchases

My mom kept "My Fist Cookbook". I was overcome with emotion. I remember hanging out in the kitchen with my mom. She didn't like to cook, however, she loved to bake and make sweets. AND what would we enjoy our sweet with???? Yes...a cup of coffee. That was our "mantra". We would bake up something sweet and one of us would always say..."You know what would be great with this? A cup of coffee." 

I digress...You see? The memories are flowing right now as I write. Anyway, my parents purchased a lot of the Imperial Sugar products and at the time (probably around 1972) you could save up proof of purchase and box tops to send in and receive a free cookbook (however you had to pay for shipping). 

I saved every box top and  proof of purchase from Imperial Sugar and really worked hard to bake a lot during that time so someone would have to head to the store to get more Imperial Sugar products. (wink wink smiley face)

FINALLY, I placed all the saved items in a manilla envelope plus a check for shipping and mailed off. Now I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. It took forever to come, I believe it was at least six weeks. That is an eternity for a 7 year old. It finally arrived. 

My mom brought it in and we sat at the kitchen table turning the pages and seeing what I was going to create. She immediately wrote in the inside cover my name, address and phone number solidifying this was my very first cookbook and I was thrilled. 

Can you see the was a loved cookbook

Can you see the was a loved cookbook

They were simple recipes for a young baker/cook looking to begin their culinary skills in the kitchen. I went through this book and made every single item. I'm sure there were some that my parents weren't thrilled about, but they would never let me know. They were happy and proud to be served something I created. 

I truly don't like showing my emotions...I don't like "wearing' (my emotions) for all to see. However, I miss my mom every day. She made me who I am. She gave me her wonderful traits in creativity and spark of life. As I age, I hear words coming out of my mouth that my mom used to say that I thought I would never repeat...but I do. 

My love of baking and creating remains today, Many of my years were spent in corporate America and now I embrace what I was meant to do. I love roasting coffee and delivering fresh roasted coffee that tastes great and you can enjoy at home. AND...I love baking and making confections too. 

My mom addressed my book.  

My mom addressed my book.  

So tears have welled up and streamed down my cheeks with each paragraph I write...I am so proud to have had such a crazy and wonderful mom in Phyllis. I am so happy that she saved this little cookbook for over 40 years! It will be cherished and placed on my shelf with my other cookbooks and homemade recipes. 

Maybe Johnny would like to enjoy a recipe or two in my very first cookbook. 

L💋LITA ☕️🍩🍬



Christmas in July....No...August!

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Break out the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie (my all-time favorite) as I am in the Christmas mood. Please don't hate me...I know it is way too early for Christmas and no I am not decorating for Santa Claus to show up anytime soon. I am working on holiday gifts, containers ideas and more for Johnny Lolita's. 

I was supposed to start this in I am a little late. A popular holiday seller for us is our coffee burlap sack stockings. It is a great way to stuff a bag of coffee, some hot chocolate on a stick and yes...grab a bottle of wine and instant hostess gift. The stockings are always a limited supply based on coffee roasting production and how many of the coffee bags are burlap verses the GrainPro SuperGrain bag that extends the flavor and life of a green coffee bean. However, I always seem to have a supply of them to create my stockings for sale. 

Holiday events

Holiday events

For people who know me...I L-O-V-E Christmas! I always have and pretty sure I always will. I'm the wierdo that loves the season to last as long as possible. I enjoy creating hand made gifts for family and friends. I really love thinking of clever ways to decorate packages and wrap for my customers too. I enjoy working with themes or color schemes for a season and making each holiday season new and different. 

Sure it's been tough thinking about cold mornings wearing thick sweaters and boots creating gifts of cheer when its 112 degrees outside. But on a cloudy day like seemed like a good time to start. 

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

I'm in the planning stages of new items to share during the Fall/Holiday Season and honestly...I can't wait. I know Johnny is always excited too during this time (said Johnny NEVER) because he gets to be my helper when I'm in production mode and trying to create and put it all together. I guess thats why I can't seemed to find him right now. Must be tangled up in some holiday ribbon wishing this would end. 

Tis the season to be Merry...



Stressed??? Well Stressed Spelled Backwards Is DESSERTS!

I love a little sweet with my that so bad? (wink wink smiley face)

A "sea..(sea salt) of caramels  

A "sea..(sea salt) of caramels  

I've always had a sweet tooth and I've always loved to bake and make candy. While John and I have been eating a lot healthier and watching the calorie intake, we've been very successful in losing weight. I will say that I don't deprive myself of something a little sweet every now and then. For me, I have been able to lose weight and still enjoy some tasty treats along the way. Everything in moderation, right?  

One of my favorite sweets to make is salted caramels. It is quite a process...not that it's a difficult just need time and patience. And...during the heat of the summer in Arizona, I am able to ship out unlike our chocolate confections,  

Example of our favors with salted caramels  

Example of our favors with salted caramels  

I've been doing more and more favors for weddings, showers and other corporate events utilizing our coffee beans and now we are creating amazing favors/gifts with our confections. It's a special way to offer a wonderful handmade memorable gift to give to your wedding guests, party goers, corporate employees or customers. 

If you're feeling a "sweet tooth" coming on and need something delivered locally or shipped.....or have a special event you would like to discuss....I'm happy to make something special for you.