Another Cool And Refreshing Coffee Drink...Coffee Tonics


I am continuing my series of wonderfully refreshing cool (as in cold) coffee drinks for the hot days of summer. This one is pretty simple and has been around for quite sometime outside of the US but in recent years made its way here. 

Coffee Tonics or sometimes called Black Tonics! Hmm a sophisticated version of the simple iced coffee? Could be...I just really like the "fizz" or the bubbles. (wink wink smiley face)

Poring a long shot  

Poring a long shot  

The key (for me) is to get the right tonic water and coffee. I prefer a tonic water with no "lemony" or fruit flavor added. Just a plain naturally light tonic water. However, you can experiment by trying different kinds and seeing if you find a great combination for your coffee. 

Next would be your coffee or your espresso that you are going to mix. I find that the Central American beans such as Brazil, Costa Rican and Guatemala pairs wonderfully with the tonic water. You're seeking coffee without the bitterness. 

Now I did say espresso...a long espresso shot if you will. So if you own an espresso machine at home...great! Make a long espresso shot. If not, try using a Moka Pot. Yes, I have an espresso machine but I will show you using a Moka Pot. 

Black Tonic is ready.  

Black Tonic is ready.  

By the way, these Moka Pots are awesome. They have been around forever and do make great cups of espresso. 

Grab a glass add some ice and add about 6 ounces of tonic water. Next add 2 ounces of espresso. Last...enjoy. Simple, natural sweetness from the espresso beans equals delicious and the bubbles make it quite refreshing. 

If you don't have any kind of espresso making machine or Moka Pot...try using your cold brew concentrate. When I've tried with our cold brew concentrate I've added about 3 ounces. It works just as well. 


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