A Great Way To Clean Your Coffee Equipment & Accessories

I know there are many coffee aficionados around that have there very own espresso machine. Their love and passion of coffee and enjoying the creation of an espresso, macchiato or latte style drink they made themselves at home, can be such a joy. 


I purchased a Rancilio commercial version for our coffee shop on Highway 28. I still have it and use it everyday. We know that high quality, fresh roasted beans are important and the water is very important too (typically use reverse osmosis in espresso machines so there are no minerals etc) so is keeping your espresso marking clean VERY IMPORTANT!  

But....what about your other coffee makers out there? Your favorite French Press or ceramic pour over or white cups that are stained? What can you use to really clean them?  


I was told to purchase a product via Amazon called Cafiza. Cafiza (and other espresso machine cleaners) is an espresso machine cleaner powder that is an important and integral part of daily maintenance routine for the busiest of espresso machines in restaurants, coffee shops etc.. If you are not cleaning your espresso machine regularly, the best and freshest coffee will taste stale and awful if you are not properly cleaning your machine....and it can cost an owner a lot of money for service and repair if not cared for properly. 

What I also found out is this product is amazing to use on other coffee accessories AND other coffee brew methods too. Your glass carafes from your drip coffee makers, French Press, Chemex and other pour overs. You can also soak your coffee cups/mugs, tampers and stirrers you use at home for coffee. The product is designed to clean the toughest coffee buildup and stains with the ease of rinsing clean....hence why it is used to clean and back flush espresso machines. 

I have found when I have coffee cups that were stained from lots of "coffee drinking" use, a little Cafiza, some hot water and time...they look brand new. (I know I know...I sound like an infomercial)

Here's an example, I took our vintage Chemex (1950's found at an estate sale) and added a 1/4 teaspoon of the Cafiza powder and then added some hot water. I "swished & swirled" it around and let it sit for a couple of hours. Why not do it after your morning coffee and let it soak in the sink while you're gone all day or you can do it over night. 


After it's been sitting, I take my sponge or cleaning utensil of choice and gently clean the inside of the Chemex. I pour out and begin rinsing. As I mentioned before, Cafiza rinses easily and you can feel the squeaky clean on the inside. 


It comes out beautiful and ready for a wonderful brew of Johnny Lolita's Coffee! (shameless plug) 

I purchase the Cafiza on Amazon. For $11.50 you receive a 20 oz bottle. You will have this for quite sometime. Just a little goes a very long way. All of your coffee mugs, espresso shot glasses, pour overs etc will look brand new and your coffee will taste even better. 


Try some out when you really need to clean some hard tough coffee stains..... 

Lolita 💋 ☕️