Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee Iced

The temperatures in the Northwest are rising this week. Heat warnings throughout Washington and Oregon. For me and Johnny....1 0r 2 days of 107 degrees is a walk in the park when you have experienced 115+ degree temperatures week after week in the summers of Phoenix AZ. 

Regardless of the needle hitting 100 or below, I always enjoy a good hot cup of coffee. Yes, a hot cup! Not everyone agrees with me as they would rather enjoy coffee cold and iced. 

It's so easy to go to your nearest coffee shop and grab an ice cold creation to-go. I enjoy it too. Who doesn't love going out to eat for a nice meal instead of cooking at home? But who can do it everyday? It's expensive and not always a healthy way of eating.... same goes for coffee. 

What I wanted to share is how easy it is to make your favorite iced drinks at home and take it to-go. Buy a great tumbler or buy some plastic cups and lids (plus straws) and write your name with a sharpie right on it. (wink wink smiley face)

One of my favorite ways to make and store cold coffee is via cold brew. I have posted the recipe in an earlier post, Cold Brew How-To. Feel free to check it out if you're not familiar with making cold brew at home. Two of my favorite coffees to use in Cold Brew is our La Patricia Costa Rican and Johnny's Cold Brew Blend. If you don't want to make cold brew?...no worries...use your fresh brewed coffee and let it cool. Quick mention: Be sure to make a strong batch so you can taste and enjoy the coffee flavor. 

I've mentioned some of these ideas before, but I wanted to group some together so you can review and hopefully make some of these at home. 

Just Iced Coffee

Just Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee-If you brewed some hot coffee, enjoy a cup and let the rest cool for a bit. Put in a pitcher of container and place in the fridge. I always say get your coffee cooled down so when you are ready to have a glass on ice, it won't melt the ice cubes as much and water your coffee down. My choice would be making a batch of cold brew... it will be stronger, brewed at room temperature and place in the fridge after. 



Make a Frozen Latte- Ive written about lattes at home before and its quite simple. Especially if you own a serious blender like a Vitamix. Add 1/3 of strong coffee and 2/3 milk of your choice. Fill your cup with ice. Do not fill ice to the top or you'll have to eat it with a spoon. (Which may not be bad) Add your sweetner and/or flavorings like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate syrup...it's up to you. Don't have a blender or the time? Simply add the ingredients to your tumbler filled with ice, give it a good stir and go. 

Make Coffee Cubes-Many of you do this especially brewing regular coffee and making an iced coffee or latte. It's great to fill your cube tray with leftover coffee and freeze. I usually will take some cold brew and freeze too. Yes, it keeps your iced coffee from being "watered down" however, you can toss the frozen cubes in the blender verses ice and make an awesome frozen latte. But one thing I really enjoy is taking cold brew ice cubes, fill in a short glass and I will add almond milk. The ice cubes begin to melt and gives me a iced latte that isn't blended but tastes just as good.  

Coffee Tonic-Coffee Tonics or sometimes called Black Tonics! A sophisticated version of the simple iced coffee? The key (for me) is to get the right tonic water and coffee. I prefer a tonic water with no "lemony" or fruit flavor added. Just a plain naturally light tonic water. However, you can experiment by trying different kinds and seeing if you find a great combination for your coffee. I used the La Patricia Costa Rican coffee because the smoothness of the cup mixes so well with the tonic water. Fill a cup with ice, add 6 oz of tonic water and 2 oz of cold brew/espresso or strong coffee. The original Coffee Tonic is made with espresso. If you don't have access to an espresso machine, you can use your concentrated cold brew or if you have a Moka Pot, make a quick espresso and let it cool. I've never tried it with regular brewed coffee...I would suggest make a strong batch to compliment the tonic water. You'll either love this or hate it...I love the "fizz". Since I pretty much quit drinking sodas, I enjoy this for the refreshing "fizz high" I get. LOL 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.43.25 PM.png

Iced Coffee-Vietnamese Style-This comes from a hot version of Vietnamese coffee using sweetened condensed milk. Pretty simple...fill a cup with ice, fill your cup 3/4 full and add 2-3 Tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. Stir and enjoy. It's quite sweet so I would suggest a larger glass off coffee. You can add a shot of Kahlua or other favorite spirit in the evening for a nice "after dinner drink". 



Coconut Iced Coffee-This one I have tried several times. I typically fill a glass with ice, I like to add 1/2 cold brew (or regular brewed coffee if you want) and add coconut water. I enjoy coconut water...I didn't like this combo as much. I have tried this with different levels of coffee and adding the coconut water, and I still didn't enjoy it. However, many of my neighbors tried it and loved it. I guess I was searching for a fizz of some sort. Maybe I should try adding sweetner and see. I added some milk and it did taste better...but still...didn't like it. You try it and see if you like it. I wasn't as big of a fan but I wanted to be honest and share. 



Iced Affogatto-Are you familiar with an Italian drink...Affogato (means drowned in Italian). You take a scoop of ice cream and pour an espresso shot over it. Of course you may wish to add another scoop...or more. I have a slightly different spin AND a couple of variations. To make a great variation of the Affogato, take a scoop or two of ice cream in a glass, pour 4-6 ounces of cold brew coffee/brewed coffee (add as little or as much as you like) over the ice cream and add some whip cream on top, that's it. If you are having guests and want to add something "more adult"? Add a shot of Ameretto or other liquor. Johnny likes to call it the "Drunken Lolita”. (Sarcastic Ha-Ha from Lolita)



I hope everyone stays cool...enjoy making some great iced coffee drinks at home and take them to-go. Made your way! Let me know what you tried AND if you have other recipes you use to enjoy your coffee cold! In case you are seeking some great coffees to enjoy iced and cold, be sure to check out our products page.

Lolita 💋

Johnny's Cold Brew Blend


Johnny has found a new love and it's Cold Brew Coffee!

Johnny helped himself to Lolita's high quality coffee...freshly roasted of course...and created a unique blend. 

The results...a very smooth bodied brew with hints of cocoa, nutty and fruit. This blend was especially blended for a cold brew process so we will also throw in instructions on how to make your very own cold brew coffee at home. 

REMINDER...cold brew process will result in a wonderful concentrate! Yes it's strong...so you will dilute with water...alittle or a lot! 

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Coconut Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Coconut water available at most grocery or health food stores  

Coconut water available at most grocery or health food stores  

My L❤️VE affair with coffee continues....I am always seeking great recipes and thinking, "hmmm, this would taste great together with coffee!" I am continuing my series of great tasting iced coffee drinks to enjoy all summer long.  

Not sure if you've tried coconut water, I started drinking it about a year ago and really enjoy the taste. I read that it is a very healthy alternative drink (be sure to pick up coconut water without added sugar or juices). There are some great benefits to drinking coconut water such as aiding in digestion, rich in nutrients, boosts hydration AND I've heard that it can help should you wake with a hangover....hmm.(wink wink smiley face)  

I digress....anyway, I really like the taste and wanted to see if I could incorporate it with my cold brew coffee. The answer is yes you can! Obviously I am not the only one, there are others who cold brew with coconut water instead of plain water and there are other coconut/coffee drinks so at least I know I was on the right track. I don't wish to "cold brew" my coffee with coconut water because I do like doing other thinks with my cold brew such as drinking it straight, heating it or creating another drink. This way I start with coffee and water and should I want to make a coconut based drink, I can add to it.

1/2 Cold Brew and 1/2 Coconut Water

1/2 Cold Brew and 1/2 Coconut Water

A very simple recipe and there's no right or wrong way in regards to amounts. Since I do make a cold brew concentrate I don't need as much of the cold brew coffee. However, you might like it a little weaker than I do so adjust to your taste. 

Adding Coconut water to cold brew coffee  

Adding Coconut water to cold brew coffee  

Should you need the recipe to make Cold Brew Coffee, be sure to click here

Heres what you'll need; 

  • Cold Brew Coffee (if you don't have cold brew, make some coffee and cool it down) 
  • Coconut water
  • Ice

Take your glass of choice and fill with ice. Pour about 1/4 to 1/2 of cold brew. I like a strong tasting coffee so I add 1/2. Johnny decided to use a straight Ethiopian coffee verses his Johnny's Cold Brew Blend. The straight Ethiopian is a complete fruit and berry taste which makes great iced coffee. The Johnny's Cold Brew Blend offers a cocoa, nutty and fruit taste. However, use your favorite coffee or what you have in the cupboard. Fill remaining glass with coconut water. Viola! Coconut Cold Brew Iced. 

Optional...add a shot of creme

Optional...add a shot of creme

I don't add sugar to my coffee, however you may like a spoonful of sugar or whatever sweetness you like to add. For a creamy taste, add a shot of creme. It takes it to a sweeter level and the results are delicious. 

Johnny tasting and enjoying 😍 

Johnny tasting and enjoying 😍 

Please comment or send me a note and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

Lolita 💋 


Milk & Honey Latte Via Cold Brew

Milk & Honey Latte

Milk & Honey Latte

Since we relocated to the Phoenix AZ area, we are enjoying...scratch that enduring...scratch that one too....tolerating the summer heat! I've decided to do some research, creating and massive taste testing on some cold/iced/frozen coffee infused drinks to share in the coming weeks.

We have a simple one to start with...it's one I drink when I want a little iced treat during the day and love to share with my friends when I have them over. What's great is the milk you choose can be any kind...I like to use soy milk but you can use almond milk, skim, 2%, whatever you want. 

I have the recipe for Cold Brew Coffee available in a previous blog. To get the recipe, click here. Here's the quick and simple recipe;


  • 1/4 cup of cold brew concentrate  
  • 1 cup of cold milk (whole, skim, almond, soy etc) 
  • 2 teaspoons of honey


  • Pour your cold brew coffee in a tumbler or glass of choice
  • In a small microwave safe cup of bowl, heat the honey. Shouldn't take long to heat such a small amount. 
  • In a separate cup or small glass, add your cold milk. Start stirring the milk and add the heated honey. By heating the honey it will help prevent it from hardening in the milk. (Honey will dissolve much easier in the cold milk than it will in the cold brew coffee or the coffee and milk)
  • Once dissolved add the milk and honey mixture to the cold brew coffee.  
  • Chill in the fridge if needed or enjoy! 

Having friends over?... Make a head of time in a large container and simply double or quadruple the recipe in a pitcher. Set in the fridge and when your guest arrive...wonderful chilled milk & honey lattes.  

I tend to use coffee ice cubes to enjoy it sooner with added coffee flavor from the ice cubes OR use regular ice cubes should you wish to put together and serve immediately. There really is no wrong way to make it. 

I hope you enjoy. Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts and how you made yours,  

Lolita 💋 

Tooting My Own Horn


Ok...yes...I'm tooting my own horn. Why? Well I was so excited to see yet another great review on our coffee. I do L❤️VE roasting coffee. It's my quiet time...my "zen" in the morning if you will. It's a whole ritualistic thing for me. Writing out my orders, weighing the green beans, preparing the roaster and roasting the beans. I spend a lot of time on each batch of coffee I roast. Making sure I take the right amount of time, the right amount of heat and hit the right temperature to make a great tasting cup.

I constantly worry....worry about each roast ensuring I'm managing my roast resulting in a perfect cup for my customers. All my customers...old and new love the taste and have their favorite coffee. It's a constant worry for me that I'm producing a great cup. 

Step in CoffeeKen...click on his name and it will take you to his website.  I met Ken via Twitter a couple of years ago when I first started roasting coffee in New Mexico. CoffeeKen is a "Java junkie, blogger and coffee aficionado". He's been passionate about coffee since he was very young and has taken his passion and knowledge and created a great "all about coffee" website to learn about great coffee shops and coffee roasters as well as brewing techniques and best practices to making your morning cup. If you're a coffee lover and planning a trip, check out his website and see if there are cool coffee stops you can check out on your travels. 

Ok...I digress...Recently moving to Arizona, I wanted to meet CoffeeKen and provide him some of my coffee. I was so nervous....I'm basically putting myself out there with someone who's pretty darn knowledgable about coffee. The one thing I did know about CoffeeKen was he's a very positive person and if he doesn't like your coffee...he just won't write anything about it.  

I kept checking his site to see if anything had come up especially on our Turquoise Trail. I know he's busy and I know he's reviewing other coffees....but that wasn't helping my cause. Lol  

CoffeeKen texted me a brief note telling me he had a chance to try our Coffee and he loved it. WHEW!!! Heavy sigh of relief. Needless to say he wrote a great review on our Turquoise Trail. Along with the Turquoise Trail, I handed him our Buzz Kill Decaf. I wasn't sure if he drank decaf...most serious coffee people enjoy the caffeine jolt.  

Again, I was excited to receive another note from him letting me know he reviewed the Buzz Kill Decaf. I was very very happy and humbled on the report he delivered on our caffeine free java. With a big smile on my face, here's an excerpt from his blog. "I was very much skeptical. Imagine my surprise, that when I finally got around to brewing this coffee up, I was completely taken aback by it’s richness in aroma, flavor, and body! Even the acidity was perfect for me!"

I am not a decaf person either, however, this decaf really makes a great cup of coffee. I don't realize I'm drinking a decaf as you do on most decaffeinated coffee. If you'd like to take the time and read the full review, please click here.  

Thank you CoffeeKen for your review...  I am sitting back with a cup and a BIG smile on my face. 


Yoga & Coffee...A Perfect Duo

Doodles for the day

Doodles for the day

Last year when I was quickly approaching the big 5-0, I was becoming more and more aware of my health. Reason being.... My mom had her first heart attack at 50. I was a junior in highschool and I will never forget that day when a student came into the classroom with a note asking me to go to the activities director's office. My parents were friends with the director and she was waiting for me. My dad was waiting on the phone and told me that mom was in the hospital. She had suffered a heart attack. Of course my mom was insistent on going home...she just wanted a couple of aspirin and she would head home to rest. Needless to say she started a new routine and program to get back in shape. 

Fast forward to last year...all that ( regarding my mom at 50) was weighing on my mind and I really didn't want to deal with the same situation my mom endured. So I started a new regime to get healthy, lose weight and exercise. I always managed to exercise all my life. I love to do stuff outdoors...bicycling is my absolute favorite as well as walking and hiking. The good news is Johnny and I lost weight. Johnny actually hit his goal weight (I hate him) and I'm working on hitting mine. I'm not there but I'm getting close (wink wink smiley face). We are big believers about healthy eating but not perfect. Calories going in verses calories going out. Yes...we do eat sugar from time to time. I digress and I really need to get back to what I wanted to talk about...Yoga and Coffee. 

If you're living in "two zip codes past hell" called Arizona with extreme temperatures, Johnny and I are going to start doing yoga indoors. There are some great apps via Apple & Android that you can mirror right on to your tv. 

There are incredible benefits to yoga. Yoga actually burns quite a bit of calories and stimulates your muscles. It's a whole mind & body workout uniting stretching and strengthening. I am focusing on some yoga exercises that focus more on weight loss. I can't wait to see Johnny stretching...he's never been a "bendy" person like me. 

Today, more and more research suggest coffee as an "assist" to losing weight. High quality coffee beans to improve the condition of the body and to stimulate your whole form. Yoga has been around for eons and has a great effect on your body to help you lose weight. It seems over recent years...yoga has become more popular. If you think yoga is NOT a serious workout? Just go and try out a class...be gutsy...go right into an advanced class and see how you do. It's not that easy.

My doodle of me and my coffee  

My doodle of me and my coffee  

Drinking coffee before or after your workout in helping in weight loss is heavily debated. The debate is about what you are putting in your coffee. Large amounts of cream and sugar is not going to offer the benefits you need from drinking coffee black. For years, I always drank lattes since I usually was drinking inferior coffee and adding lots of cream and sugar to help the taste. Now I drink coffee black and at times, I will add a little dry creamer. Adding cream and sugar is going to increase the calorie intake and the next thing you know you're basically "drinking a candy bar or two". 

Try drinking a cup of coffee an hour before your workout or yoga. Coffee can boost your energy and alertness, which will result in a more thorough and focused workout. I've also read more studies about the positive effects of coffee on joint and muscle pain. 

Always remember, too much of anything (even coffee) is not good for you. If you can't drink coffee alone because it will cause an upset stomach during your workout, maybe enjoy your coffee as a reward after your workout with your meal.  

I'll keep you posted how Johnny and I do on our new yoga regime.  

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g now...... 





Ways To Enjoy Coffee Cold.

Living in Phoenix, you enjoy the Winter month's temperatures in the 70's. So packed full of people during the wintertime...those escaping the 10 feet of snow and below freezing temps. 

However, the summer here....well it gets a little hot. Ok...a LOT hot. We will be enduring another excessive heat warning this coming weekend with temperatures between 114-120 degrees! 

So, I thought this would be a good time this week to talk about some great "cold inspired" coffee drinks.  


Are you familiar with an Italian drink...Affogato (means drowned in Italian). You take a scoop of ice cream and pour an espresso shot over it. Of course you may wish to add another scoop...or more. I have a slightly different spin AND a couple of variations.  

You may not have an espresso machine at home...that's ok. I want to show you variations to enjoy at home and to serve to your guests at your next get together. 

I've talked a lot about cold brew method (see blog post on April 20th). It is a great way to brew coffee at home using cold water and patience (12-24 hours). This is a great way to make a great tasting concentrate of coffee too. 

To make a great variation of the Affogato, take a scoop or two of ice cream in a glass, pour 4-6 ounces of cold brew coffee (add as little or as much as you like) over the ice cream and add some whip cream on top, that's it. I made some homemade whip cream for another desert...so I had some to add to the top. The taste is De-lish!

If you are having guests and want to add something "more adult"? Add a shot of Ameretto or other liquor. I like to call it the "Drunken Lolita" 😁

Another variation to the Cold Brew Affogato is to add some soda such as coke or root beer to give it a really refreshing and fizzy taste like a float. 

I'll be adding more fun and cool recipes this to enjoy your coffee cold. If you try it, let me know. Always remember if you have any questions feel free to write me shawn@johnnylolitas.com or leave a comment below. 

Lolita 💋