A Big Shout Out & Thank You To My Amiga Pamela

We are in the heat of summer. Especially in Arizona where we feel we live "Two zip codes past hell!" So many small business owners and entrepreneurs working hard perfecting their craft, meeting potential customers and building relationships. Working for yourself can be very hard....and yet I wouldn't change it for the world.

In steps Pamela Enriquez....she brightened my day and actually made me cried at her thoughtfulness towards me when I know she herself has her own load of day-to-day challenges. 

I was introduced to Pamela though another great friend and talented artist Georgina Diaz when I first started my obsession with coffee in a small building off highway 28 in La Union, NM. That is where Johnny L💋LITA's first started.  

Some of Georgina's work  

Some of Georgina's work  

Johnny and I started our Artisan's Thieves Market where I met the most wonderful and talented artists from Texas and New Mexico. Pamela and her mom participated in several of our markets and the moment I met her I was instantly a fan of her work and a fan of her! 

You must check out her Facebook page  (Pamela Enriquez-Courts (Artist)). I am a fan of "Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and all things "skeletal". Pamela creates such beautiful work but what impresses me the most is her attention to detail especially in fabric. Not only will a "Calaca" (a dressed skeleton for those who do not speak Spanish) have a beautiful dress...the actual fabric she paints will have a print on the fabric or her lace...Oh her lace is so detailed and delicate. To paint like that....unbelievable. 

My Cafecito de Lolita!  

My Cafecito de Lolita!  

I was chatting via Facebook messenger to Pamela and I mentioned a possible dream of doing coffee and baked goods in a vintage trailer and wanted to know if she had anything with a coffee theme or baked goods. She said she would look into it and would get back to me as she was working on numerous orders and getting ready for a large show in Santa Fe. 

The other day in the mail I had a package from Pamela. I immediately wrote to her and asked her what do I owe? Pamela said "she is a gift". She continued that I had a good heart and I always have the sweetest and most nspirational things to say so she wanted to gift her to me. I was so taken aback. I opened the package and found the most beautiful painting. I turned it over and saw what she named her and I cried. "Cafecita de Lolita y Pan Dulce" which translates to Lolita's coffee and sweet breads.  

Such a beautiful gift that I will cherish. I told Pamela when I get my trailer and start my coffee and treats...she will proudly be displayed in my trailer. I am overwhelmed with such love from my Amiga in New Mexico. 

Future trailer ??? 

Future trailer ??? 

If you want to see more of Pamela's work, go to her Facebook page. You can find her beautiful work...original and prints plus find out where she will be traveling to attend some of the best art shows in the region.  

To my beautiful Amiga Pamela...besos y abrazos.  I can't wait to get that trailer. 


It Starts With A Flame

It's dawn, very quiet and slightly cooler this early in the morning. I love this time of day. Everything is fresh and new. You're starting a new day...a new quest...a new adventure. For me, my quest is for the perfect tasting cup.  

As I sit in the quietness of the room filled with large burlap sacks of green coffee beans, I chuckle to myself, "How did I get here?" I guess I'm more sensitive to it as I just hit a monumental birthday a couple of weeks ago, but can't help but smile at how my life has changed and switched gears. I'm here because I took a chance at something I've never done before but have become very passionate about. I had a successful career in "Corporate America" but wanted something more. I counseled so many candidates during the economy crash in 2008 who lost their jobs and now we're in a situation where they didn't know what they were going to do but had a desire to chase a dream. Doing something completely different and possibly outrageously risky! Yes...I counseled them on taking the steps to seek and figure out what they wanted to do next in their career adventure. (Yes an adventure....a career adventure). John and I found ourselves in the same boat...and I began taking our own advice and here I am....up at dawn...roasting coffee.

It does start with a flame. The light of the gas and the drum heating up to welcome its first batch of green coffee all the way from Sumatra. Roasting the coffee beans to deliver an earthy taste that has a heavy mouth-feel. Or the next batch of green beans that will result in a spicy and citrus taste in your cup. My goal each day I roast is to deliver the freshest and best tasting cup of coffee for you to start your day. It is my goal each day, one that I've become so passionate about. 

We've been doing this a little over two years now and have grown successfully (slow but constant) and hopefully ready to take Johnny Lolita's to the next level. I know it's just coffee....but that fresh hot cup first thing in the morning can set your day as well as finishing up a perfect meal at the end of your day. Hot or Iced...Caffeine or Decaf....that is my goal. AND...it starts with a flame. 

My goal is to always deliver you the freshest and great tasting coffee each day.

Lolita 💋 

Who wants coffee?

Coffee available at Trade Craft 3737 N Mesa Suite B El Paso TX 79902

Coffee available at Trade Craft 3737 N Mesa Suite B El Paso TX 79902

Last blog..Shh....You Look Parched. We told you about a great new place in El Paso to relax, catch up on your favorite book and enjoy a handcrafted cocktail or fresh roasted coffee (fresh roasted by Lolita). 

What I failed to mention is that you are able to purchase a pound of fresh roasted coffee and take it home with you. Available at Trade Craft (3737 N Mesa Ste B) you can pick up a pound of Turquoise Trail, Buzz Kill Decaf OR our wonderful new House Blend created especially for Trade Craft. Trade Craft House Blend is all Organic with flavors of chocolate, oranges/citrus, light acidityand a very smooth body. 

So....stop in, take a break, enjoy some time for yourself or chatting with family and pick up a pound of fresh roasted coffee. 


New Coffee For A Limited Time

New Coffee “Lolita Special Edition One”

We are very excited to be receiving (in very limited quantity) a new coffee bean. Again…this will only be available for a limited time and will sell in 8 OZ packages. 


These are Geisha beans (pronounced gesha without the “i”), a very rare coffee tree that does not yield a high amount of beans as other coffee trees do. Discovered in the 1930’s, these trees originated in the “Gesha” district of Ethiopia, hence the name. Many farmers have tried to replant these trees and the result has been unfavorable. These trees are very temperamental and require high altitudes. In the 1960’s, seeds were brought to Costa Rica then on to Panama in hopes to try and grow this very rare cherry producing tree. However, due to soil and lower altitudes, most of the trees died off. However a few survived and were mixed in with other coffee thus losing that wonderful and distinctive taste of the pure geisha coffee bean. About 9 years ago there has been a resurgence of the Geisha coffee and one of the areas that has been successful in growing is in Panama. 

Truly...no other coffee varietal has received such acclaim as the geisha coffee bean and we are excited to roast and have for our customers. We should be receiving our shipment this week and will be roasting & cupping soon after. Our goal is to have available by the second week of February. We will keep you posted. 

We will be taking pre-orders, so if you are interested in grabbing up a bag, please feel free to write to me via facebook or twitter as well as email shawn@johnnylolitas.com or call us 575-496-7383

Lolita 💋

Embrace the Daily Grind

If you truly enjoy coffee, grind your own beans! Many people buy ground coffee as they say it’s too much hassle to grind it every day. PLEASE! We can all find 30 seconds in our busy schedules. Did you know that when coffee is ground the Freshness-life is measured in hours. When exposed to air it has a 15 minute lifespan. Are you going to consume that three pound bag of coffee you just brought home from the box store in the next couple of hours? 

Grinders come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. The most basic electric blade grinder will vastly improve the quality of your cup of coffee. Despite what Coffee purists say, they are fine for personal daily use. They are quick, easy, efficient and economical. An electric blade grinder can be had for under $20.00.

Want to go a step further? Try an electric burr grinder. A burr grinder is superior to a blade grinder because the burrs crush the coffee beans which releases more flavor. Electric burr grinders range anywhere from $35 - $100 and up. 

Want the freshest coffee experience? Try a hand-built, hand-cranked burr grinder. This is the type Grandma used. Hand-built grinders are a true work of art. A hand-built burr grinder will set you back $70 - $160. 

The biggest key to enjoying fresh coffee is only grind what you are going to immediately consume. And, store your beens in an air tight container. 

It’s a New Year! Why not make it a goal to start enjoying your morning coffee for a change? Grinding your coffee fresh each morning takes less than a minute. The difference it makes in the flavor is amazing!

Add To Cart

I Have No Time To Buy Anything! We've got you covered!

What??!!! You still have gifts to give and no time to ship them? OR... You just can't find the perfect gift? How about a gift of fresh roasted coffee? 

All you need to do is:

Contact us 575-496-7383

1. Let us know if you want 3 months, 6 months etc of coffee delivered to the recipient.

2. Give us their email address AND

3. We'll do the rest! 

We will send out a beautiful note letting your family, friend or loved know that they will be receiving a coffee gift from you. 

BONUS! If you purchase a one year subscription of coffee, we will include a free electric coffee grinder for them to have to grind their fresh roasted beans. Check out our sample letter below. This is what the recipient will receive via email. We will provide your name and info (I used Johnny as an example) and let them know what they will be receiving.

****Please note, that a free electric grinder is only available with the year subscriptions. 

Gift Subscription of 12 oz coffee is $17.50 per month (shipping included). Gift subscription of 16 oz coffee $21.35 shipping included) {*taxes applicable}

Call us if you need something by Christmas, We've got you covered. 



Pecans & Coffee....


Johnny and I have been hard at work helping a small local farm with their pecan trees. If you are familiar with Southern New Mexico and I know most of you are, we are filled with gorgeous and mature pecan groves. They make a beautiful tunnel of filters light in the summer and in the winter after the first or two below freeze temps...they produce a wonderful nut that we use so much especially during the holidays. 


I know how much our family enjoyed pecans during the holidays and we always loved sending them to family and friends far away. So much so that they were always looking forward to the same gift year-after-year of fresh pecans. 

This year Johnny and I have decided to create a unique duo set...fresh pecans and fresh roasted coffee. A taste of New Mexico from a local pecan farm and a local coffee roaster (that's me). We will have dup sets of a pound of pecans and a 12 OZ bag of coffee or 16 OZ. The pecans will be wrapped in a burlap sack and set along with the coffee tied with our turquoise bow. A great gift to receive during the holidays. 

You can go right online and order and have it shipped to your friend, coworker, neighbor or relative, or give me (Lolita) a shout (email or call) and I'll help you with all your Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday gift giving needs.  

New Mexico's Hidden Treasures

We met the nicest couple while making our rounds today, Anita and Ken McLeod. They own and operate a fantastic bed and breakfast called Dream Catcher Inn. The B&B is nestled in the foothills of the Organ Mountains, just East of Las Cruces. The views of The Organ Mountains, Las Cruces and the surrounding area are breathtaking! 

When we arrived, we were greeted by a great big Teddy-bear of a dog named Brandy. She actually guided us to a parking space, greeted us as we exited the car then walked us to the lobby door. 

When you step inside the door you feel like you are at home. The Great Room is a community gathering area with sofas, overstuffed chairs, fireplace and a huge carved wood dining table. Anita and Ken are the type of "Family" you look forward to visiting. You immediately feel like they are old friends. 

Anita took us on a tour of the place and it's gorgeous! The brochure pictures do not do it justice! The decor is 100% New Mexico. There's even an outdoor patio with Fireplace and a Guest kitchen that's accessible 24/7. Each room has DirectTV and high speed internet. However, the Great Room has no TV so you can visit, enjoy a book or just relax. They even have a gazebo for weddings and a huge area they turn into a dance floor! 

Anita also shared with us that the Property is 100% Wheelchair accessible. Even the custom built dining table is high enough to accommodate a motorized wheelchair. 

Anita and Ken host guests year round. Short and extended stays. Today Anita was beginning to do some prep work for Thanksgiving dinner. She also told us that during the Christmas season each room is individually decorated, complete with Holiday themed linens and your very own Christmas tree. 

The rates are surprisingly reasonable. If you are looking for a truly unique New Mexico vacation or have out of town guest that want something more than a chain hotel, you have to give Anita and Ken a call!

DreamCatcher Inn Bed and Breakfast de Las Cruces, LLC.
10201 Starfly Road
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011                                                                                                  575-522-3035  Toll Free: 1-866-298-1935                                                 www.dreamcatcherinn.com