Happy Father's Day


My very first memories of our mornings in the O'Hara household was my father getting up and quietly heading to the kitchen. His first mission....coffee. 

As a child, I remember the sound of the spoon scooping up spoonfuls of coffee into the electric perk. Within minutes, you heard the beginnings of our Corning Ware Coffee Maker heat, sputter and spurt as it "percolated" (I know it's not a word) our coffee. The smell of coffee begins to head through the house and you know it's time to get up. 

My first experience drinking coffee was at a young age enjoying a cup with my Dad. He's sitting in the dinette area reading the paper enjoying a cigarette and sipping his coffee. Me...I'm waiting for an opportunity to speak to find out what adventures he is planning today and how I can tag along. I was lucky....he always enjoyed me tagging along  

Today, (40 some odd years later) I wake early and begin the rituals of our day. I smell the coffee brewing and the fond memories of my dad come quickly in my head..."So what adventures will I go on today, Dad?" "I know you're with me in spirit." 

Happy Father's Day❤️