Pumpkin Spiced Latte...Crock Pot Style

The holidays are here!!! Cooler temps in the morning (at least that is what we have in Arizona). Thanksgiving is here and spending time with family & friends at home is upon us. 

So many styles of crock pots available.  

So many styles of crock pots available.  

A time to be thankful. Thankful for your health, thankful for being with loved ones and thankful for all the blessing we have received this year.  

My whole purpose about what I do with my coffee, sweets and gifts is enjoying and entertaining at home. And now...this is the perfect time of year with family and friends getting together for the holidays. 

So what better time to share a great and easy recipe for your guests when they arrive....to walk in to a wonderful smell of spices wafting through the air. What's even better, you can make it ahead since you will slow cook in a crock pot. A Pumkin Spiced Latte. Here's the ingredients and directions on making this great tasting hot cup of spiced love (wink wink smiley face). 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte-Crock Pot Style


  • 6 cups of whole milk (you can use 2%, soy or almond milk)
  • 6 cups of strongly brewed coffee (Johnny Lolita's Brazil Dark or Lolita's Blend would be awesome) 
  • 1/2 cup of Pumkin purée  
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of sugar ( depending on how sweet you want it)  
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 3 cinnamon sticks  


  • Combine coffee and milk in your crockpot.
  • in a separate bowl, whisk/whip together the pumpkin, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon and pour into crockpot. 
  • Mix all ingredients well.
  • Add the cinnamon sticks. 
  • Cover the crockpot and cook on high for 2 hours. If it seems like it's been boiling for a long time reduce the heat. 
  • Ready to serve and enjoy. 

This recipe will serve 15+ people. For the adults you can offer your favorite liquor to their spiced latte. 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte ready to enjoy.  

Pumpkin Spiced Latte ready to enjoy.  

If you try this recipe, let me know how you served it and if you added additional "spirits". I would not suggest you save leftovers and re-heat. It will not keep and the coffee with the milk and spices will NOT taste good reheated.  

I know this recipe is NOT for the coffee purist. I know you wish to smack my hand to even offer up this recipe. My thought is that you should enjoy your coffee, however you like to. If it's with cream, just sugar, honey etc. enjoy it your way. A wonderful way to serve lots of people.

So set up a small bar off to the side so people can serve themselves. Add regular coffee & decaf via coffee pot or create a small pou over station. Now....you can concentrate on getting your side dishes and turkey ready for the group.

I roast coffee twice a week and deliver and/or ship the following day. I would L❤️VE to roast your next order. AND....make a delicious sweet/treat and deliver locally to your home or office.



Christmas in July....No...August!

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Break out the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie (my all-time favorite) as I am in the Christmas mood. Please don't hate me...I know it is way too early for Christmas and no I am not decorating for Santa Claus to show up anytime soon. I am working on holiday gifts, containers ideas and more for Johnny Lolita's. 

I was supposed to start this in July...so I am a little late. A popular holiday seller for us is our coffee burlap sack stockings. It is a great way to stuff a bag of coffee, some hot chocolate on a stick and yes...grab a bottle of wine and instant hostess gift. The stockings are always a limited supply based on coffee roasting production and how many of the coffee bags are burlap verses the GrainPro SuperGrain bag that extends the flavor and life of a green coffee bean. However, I always seem to have a supply of them to create my stockings for sale. 

Holiday events

Holiday events

For people who know me...I L-O-V-E Christmas! I always have and pretty sure I always will. I'm the wierdo that loves the season to last as long as possible. I enjoy creating hand made gifts for family and friends. I really love thinking of clever ways to decorate packages and wrap for my customers too. I enjoy working with themes or color schemes for a season and making each holiday season new and different. 

Sure it's been tough thinking about cold mornings wearing thick sweaters and boots creating gifts of cheer when its 112 degrees outside. But on a cloudy day like today...it seemed like a good time to start. 

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

I'm in the planning stages of new items to share during the Fall/Holiday Season and honestly...I can't wait. I know Johnny is always excited too during this time (said Johnny NEVER) because he gets to be my helper when I'm in production mode and trying to create and put it all together. I guess thats why I can't seemed to find him right now. Must be tangled up in some holiday ribbon wishing this would end. 

Tis the season to be Merry...



I Have No Time To Buy Anything! We've got you covered!

What??!!! You still have gifts to give and no time to ship them? OR... You just can't find the perfect gift? How about a gift of fresh roasted coffee? 

All you need to do is:

Contact us 575-496-7383

1. Let us know if you want 3 months, 6 months etc of coffee delivered to the recipient.

2. Give us their email address AND

3. We'll do the rest! 

We will send out a beautiful note letting your family, friend or loved know that they will be receiving a coffee gift from you. 

BONUS! If you purchase a one year subscription of coffee, we will include a free electric coffee grinder for them to have to grind their fresh roasted beans. Check out our sample letter below. This is what the recipient will receive via email. We will provide your name and info (I used Johnny as an example) and let them know what they will be receiving.

****Please note, that a free electric grinder is only available with the year subscriptions. 

Gift Subscription of 12 oz coffee is $17.50 per month (shipping included). Gift subscription of 16 oz coffee $21.35 shipping included) {*taxes applicable}

Call us if you need something by Christmas, We've got you covered. 



Holiday Gift Ideas

We have some great holiday gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. We offer a great selection of holiday gifts, so be sure to go to our website at www.johnnylolitas.com and shop online. 

However...I thought I would highlight some of our holiday gifts since we are certainly flying up to the holidays real fast. Here is a list of ideas....

Gift Subscriptions

If you LOVE coffee so much, wouldn't your family and friends LOVE it too? A wonderful coffee subscription. You can choose the length of your gift subscription and we will be sure to make a beautiful presentation of fresh roasted coffee packaged with great care. 

12 OZ bag of coffee per month $17.50 INCLUDES SHIPPING                                                             16 OZ bag of coffee per month $21.30 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Beautifully Boxed Bag of Coffee & Pecans $23.50

Receive a box with a pound of pecans and a pound of Johnny Lolita's fresh roasted coffee. A wonderful gift of New Mexico delivered to your door. 

Burlap Christmas Stockings $18.00 

Handmade stockings from our coffee burlap sacks. We have had great success so far this year. We have sold over 35 burlap stockings and have 10 left. Go to our website and grab one soon!  

Burlap Sack of Pecans $8.00 

Fresh local pecans from Southern New Mexico in partnership with BACH Farms. 

Gift Sets

The Aficionado $195.00

Beautifully boxed gift set that includes; Handmade Burr Grinder, Bialetti Moka Espresso Pot, 2 Ceramic Espresso Cups, Pour-Over Brewer plus filters, Coffee Vac Canister, BPH Free Tumbler 16 oz, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ) 

The Connoisseur  $125.00

Beautifully boxed gift set that includes; Handmade Burr Grinder, Pour-Over Brewer plus filters, BPH Free Tumbler 16 oz, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ)

The Enthusiast $80.00

Bialetti 32 OZ French Press, BPH Free Tumbler 16 OZ, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ)

The Junkie $35.00 

A perfect gift set for the coffee lover truly devoted to a great cup of coffee. This set includes an Electric Grinder and one 16 OZ bag of coffee (your choice) 

Be sure to check out our website and shop online. If you have any question, you can always reach out to me.