Providing "Concierge Service" For Your Coffee, Confections & Gift Needs

Concierge...You know who they are. You see them at your hotel when traveling. A wonderful customer service oriented professional looking to help you with what ever you desire. Searching for wonderful local places to eat?...your concierge will direct you to the best local haunts to enjoy wonderful dishes. How about unique stores???...he/she will provide you a list of fabulous boutiques or great finds that you won't see any where else. Ideas for the name it they are there to provide you that extra care and wonderful experience while staying in the area.

That is my desire for you here in the Phoenix Metro Area. My goal is to provide you fresh roasted coffee, delicious sweets & treats and other unique gifts made fresh and delivered to your home or office door. 

If you're in a bind and need a gift for a friend or coworker, you can order online and we can deliver to their door saving you some time and effort. How special it is to order a coffee subscription for a couple of months that is delivered fresh. Or create a small gift container of goodies wrapped and delivered with a note from you. I would love to assist you and customize gifts for you too. 

Here's a quick tutorial on ordering online and receiving local delivery in the Phoenix Metro area. I've taken some screenshots of my website as a walk through. I apologize if the pictures are not as crisp. I tried to make them clearer but it was not working. Hopefully you get the gist.

All you need to do is head to our website Johnny Lolita's

Hover your cursor over the "Shop Online" and click that page. 

Scroll down to the categories and click on the category you wish to shop. 

Click on a category you'd like to view  

Click on a category you'd like to view  

Screenshot of Coffee page and Sweets page  

Screenshot of Coffee page and Sweets page  

Click on item(s) you wish to purchase and click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. 

This looks yummy... 

This looks yummy... 

Submit and head to shipping/payment info page  

Submit and head to shipping/payment info page  

At the checkout screen you will fill out your email address so we can notify you that we received your order and let you know when your delivery is being made. 

Enter email address to receive updates on your order

Enter email address to receive updates on your order

On the shipping section, fill in the address and person that the item(s) are going If it's for you or if you are sending to someone else. Be sure you enter the address that it is going to be delivered locally in the Phoenix Metro Area. 

Enter the address I will be delivering the item(s). Be sure you click on the "LOCAL DELIVERY" shipping option.  

Enter the address I will be delivering the item(s). Be sure you click on the "LOCAL DELIVERY" shipping option.  

On the Section 3 is the section where you can leave us a specific note. If you are sending as a gift, include a message or if you are sending to your office, let me know. 

Here you can write a personal message if it's a gift or provide me any additional details to your delivery such as delivering to office etc.  

Here you can write a personal message if it's a gift or provide me any additional details to your delivery such as delivering to office etc.  

You will then continue to the payment section and enter your credit card info. 

Fresh roasted coffee

Fresh roasted coffee

That's it! You will receive an email confirming your purchase and I will be following up with you when the order is completed and ready for delivery.

When delivering in the Phoenix metro area, I will contact you or the person that is receiving the item(s) that I will be in the area for delivery to ensure I can deliver and/or drop off at a specific location etc. 

Homemade caramels

Homemade caramels

You (or someone you gifted) will receive fresh roasted coffee, fresh homemade sweets and gifts right to their door!  

I love roasting coffee....I love developing great tasting coffee for you to enjoy at home with friends & family...or just on your own. I love providing a quality product and quality service. 

We also offer coffee & sweets for showers, corporate events, weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion you are having. We can provide gifts/favors for a few or many, just contact me, Lolita, with any questions you may have. 

I'm waiting for your order  

I'm waiting for your order  

I look forward to providing you my "concierge service" and deliver you great tasting coffee, sweet delectables and any other items offered on our site. 



Turquoise Trail Now Lolita's Blend

I know I have caused a bit of confusion over the last several weeks with our customers. I apologize that I didn't forward people of the name change of our favorite "House" coffee. Turquoise Trail is now called Lolita's Blend. So, why the name change? 

Because I love making you all crazy...(wink wink, smiley face). goal is NOT to make you crazy. So I am truly sorry that I had people in a panic. I received several calls and emails asking why I was no longer making Turquoise Trail?!!! Why would I remove that  blend from our line up of coffee. That was their favorite coffee!!! 

Lolita's Blend
Bean Selection:
Add To Cart

On our website, I guess I didn't make it very clear that it was still the same wonderful blend only the name had changed. I didn't realize when you go to the shopping page that people are seeking Turquoise Trail and not seeing that listed, they assumed it was gone. It's not it just has a new name. 

So, why the name change? Johnny and I have discussed this ad nauseam. He always wanted me to name the blend after me, since I was the one that created it. I was always looking for a different name other than mine. So for the last 3+ years, I have been listening to Johnny tell me that I should use my name. 

Well, I finally gave in. It is STILL the rich delicious flavor you have enjoyed with Turquoise Trail. The ONLY thing that has changed is the name... I love this coffee. It is a blend of two high quality single origin beans delivering a smooth full body and rich taste. You can taste the smooth richness of cocoa, caramel/nutty flavor with a slight citrus finish. We roast each single origin bean separately, roasting one dark and one medium roast. A wonderful combination for any coffee lover. 

It is our #1 seller and it is not going anywhere. I appreciate all of my loyal customers and friends who were upset for removing Turquoise Trail coffee. It's there with a new name...Lolita's Blend. 

Lolita 💋

Tooting My Own Horn


Ok...yes...I'm tooting my own horn. Why? Well I was so excited to see yet another great review on our coffee. I do L❤️VE roasting coffee. It's my quiet "zen" in the morning if you will. It's a whole ritualistic thing for me. Writing out my orders, weighing the green beans, preparing the roaster and roasting the beans. I spend a lot of time on each batch of coffee I roast. Making sure I take the right amount of time, the right amount of heat and hit the right temperature to make a great tasting cup.

I constantly worry....worry about each roast ensuring I'm managing my roast resulting in a perfect cup for my customers. All my customers...old and new love the taste and have their favorite coffee. It's a constant worry for me that I'm producing a great cup. 

Step in on his name and it will take you to his website.  I met Ken via Twitter a couple of years ago when I first started roasting coffee in New Mexico. CoffeeKen is a "Java junkie, blogger and coffee aficionado". He's been passionate about coffee since he was very young and has taken his passion and knowledge and created a great "all about coffee" website to learn about great coffee shops and coffee roasters as well as brewing techniques and best practices to making your morning cup. If you're a coffee lover and planning a trip, check out his website and see if there are cool coffee stops you can check out on your travels. 

Ok...I digress...Recently moving to Arizona, I wanted to meet CoffeeKen and provide him some of my coffee. I was so nervous....I'm basically putting myself out there with someone who's pretty darn knowledgable about coffee. The one thing I did know about CoffeeKen was he's a very positive person and if he doesn't like your coffee...he just won't write anything about it.  

I kept checking his site to see if anything had come up especially on our Turquoise Trail. I know he's busy and I know he's reviewing other coffees....but that wasn't helping my cause. Lol  

CoffeeKen texted me a brief note telling me he had a chance to try our Coffee and he loved it. WHEW!!! Heavy sigh of relief. Needless to say he wrote a great review on our Turquoise Trail. Along with the Turquoise Trail, I handed him our Buzz Kill Decaf. I wasn't sure if he drank decaf...most serious coffee people enjoy the caffeine jolt.  

Again, I was excited to receive another note from him letting me know he reviewed the Buzz Kill Decaf. I was very very happy and humbled on the report he delivered on our caffeine free java. With a big smile on my face, here's an excerpt from his blog. "I was very much skeptical. Imagine my surprise, that when I finally got around to brewing this coffee up, I was completely taken aback by it’s richness in aroma, flavor, and body! Even the acidity was perfect for me!"

I am not a decaf person either, however, this decaf really makes a great cup of coffee. I don't realize I'm drinking a decaf as you do on most decaffeinated coffee. If you'd like to take the time and read the full review, please click here.  

Thank you CoffeeKen for your review...  I am sitting back with a cup and a BIG smile on my face. 


Featured Coffee; Buzz Kill


I've been drinking coffee ever since I was very young. (No, coffee does not stunt your growth 😉) Of course when I was young...the coffee mom made for me was more cream and sugar than coffee.  

I've always L❤️VED coffee...been drinking it all my life. Always coffee with caffeine too. Never had a desire later in life to drink decaf. I recall when I was younger drinking decaf at a friend's house who's parents didn't drink caffeine and I took my first sip and cringed.  😱

Decaf always tasted like chemicals to that I know how decaf was (and with some still is) processed...I now know I WAS tasting...chemicals!  

Since I started roasting, I needed a decaf bean to roast for my customers. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled at roasting a decaf bean and serving. My fear was the taste. I was fearful that I was going to serve the same chemical tasting decaf I remembered as a kid.   

With the advancement in the coffee industry and the new generation of roasters in the last 15+ years, there are new ways of processing decaf that offers a wonderful cup. One such process is the Swiss Water Process. Swiss water process is a natural chemical fess process that removes 99.9% of the caffeine while maintaining the coffee's origin and flavor. 

Currently we offer our Buzz Kill Decaf that comes from Colombia. It has gone through the Swiss Water Process and arrives in bags just lot our other coffee beans do.  

The Colombian delivers a smooth, slightly heavy body with a hint of chocolate. It's rich, sweet and delicious. Although I've been one not to be concerned about the effects of caffeine...I do enjoy a cup or two in the evenings. I do not add sugar to my coffee and this cup has a natural sweet taste. A great way to enjoy a full bodied cup of coffee.

We roast on Mondays & Thursdays and delivery locally the following day OR ship out (2-3 day shipping) the following day.  


Coffee In A Flash..... (or as long as it takes to heat water)


With this great world of technology, there are so many cool ways to quickly brew coffee anywhere. I am fascinated with many of the coffee brew systems...due to the technology involved. However, I am a purist and since I love roasting coffee, I love the whole process of grinding, brewing and enjoying coffee. It's like a journey for me considering I have so many ways to brew coffee. 

Let me tell you....I can enjoy a quick cup of coffee when I am in a hurry and doing it via a pour over, a process that has been around for eons.  


AND...if you work in an office and really don't have the space or ability to have a coffee maker, brewing your coffee this way (pour over) is a quick way to brew and enjoy your coffee...just need hot water.  

This particular ceramic pour over is not expensive and you can purchase one from us on or go check out Amazon. If you're into camping or glamping, a ceramic pour over is a perfect and easy way to enjoy. 

Of course I believe in grinding my own fresh beans so a burr grinder is ideal... Pictured is an electric grinder. We've had this for a long long time. 

Easy process, prep your filter by adding hot water to the filter (to remove that paper taste) then you can also heat up your cup by doing this. Then add your coffee and add your hot water and let it pour through... Quick & easy and BAM!!!...wonderful tasting coffee.  


Of course I always suggest a Johnny Lolita's coffee 😁 (shameless plug) YUM!

Quick, easy and delicious....a great and simple way to enjoy coffee anywhere! 


You Know What? That Would Be Great With A Cup Of Coffee!

My whole life...I've been surrounded by that wonderful cup of java. I'd hear it (and smell it) in the morning....the Corningware (with the blue cornflower design) coffee pot "sputtering, hissing and percolating" our morning coffee. That was our cue to get up out of bed. 

Coffee goes great with???Everything! 

Coffee goes great with???Everything! 

Another thing that was very big in our family is what would taste great with that cup of coffee. Especially Phyllis, my beautiful Mom. it was really funny actually...we would see some commercial on TV about a new cake mix, recipes or anything chocolate and my Mom would say "Oh, I bet that would be great with a cup of coffee." 

We all did it actually. We would be out to dinner and when we finished our meal the waiter would offer up the dessert menu. He would leave us to our devices to discuss options and choices. Many times we would order one or two pieces and take home because....It would be great with a cup of our coffee at home!" 

Our life did surround that cup of coffee...typically with great conversation and a little sweet, but we needed that balance of rich chocolate or fruity pie with our wonderful perculated coffee. We'd search recipes just to find "the one" that would taste great with???? You got it...a cup of coffee. My brother Kim has become an excellent cook. I'd like to call him a Chef... he says "I just love good food...nothing fancy or gourmet, I'm not a chef, but I disagree. He creates fabulous pies from scratch. Right down to the crust. From fruit to chocolate, lemon or whip...they are De-lish! Of course when he's ready to unveil his latest creation....enjoying the pure sweet aroma...he turns to me and says "You know what? This will be great with a cup of coffee! Let me get some going." I know our Mom is smiling down on us and I know she's holding a fork in her hand to steal a bite. 

So in honor of our family tradition, I've enclosed a simple recipe that I know would be great with a cup of coffee. A Johnny Lolita's coffee blend would be best, wink wink smiley face  

  Soft Sugar Cookies


  • 2 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 Cup (2 sticks) Salted Butter softened
  • 1 1/4 cups Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (for rolling dough) 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper. Whisk together flour, baking soda and baking powder and set aside.  

In another bowl, add sugar and butter and cream together using an electric mixer. Add egg yolks and vanilla continue mixing. Add flour mixture and continue mixing until combined but don't over mix. Scoop dough into balls and roll in sugar and place on cookie sheet.  

Bake 15-18 minutes or until tops of cookies start to crack. Cool for 5 minutes on baking sheet before moving to wire rack. Now make a cup of coffee and enjoy!  


Your Coffee Is Out For Delivery

I love reading those words on my computer. Well....the United States Post Service doesn't know that the packages I'm shipping contain coffee, but I know. And the only thing the USPS emails me is "Your package is delivered"...but I know better.


So does the postman that comes to pick up the orders and so does the postal guy at our local counter. With all theses boxes filled with fresh roasted coffee, you can't miss it.  My one friend at the post office loves to take a deep breath in and inhale all that coffee goodness. Of course there is typically a line of people watching as I pass them by and pile all the packages on the side counter. (No, I'm not cheating...I've created and paid for my labels online so all I have to do is drop off) however, people do wonder of this odd relationship I have with the postal guy. But we don't care....we both stick our faces in all the packages, inhale together and just smile. We then part with a wave and say "Until next time." And he says "I'll be waiting." 

We roast our coffee fresh on Monday and Thursday to ensure that all our customers receive the freshest batch of roasted coffee. So if you order online or for local delivery Thursday through Sunday, we will roast Monday and ship out Tuesday. If you order Monday through Wednesday, we will roast Thursday and ship out Friday. 

Head to Johnny Lolita's online and check out our latest coffee offerings. Order your next bag of coffee...delivered fresh to your door. 



Happy 4th Of July


Happy 4th! Our second holiday of the summer season. Well....technically Memorial Day was in the Spring. But in the Southwest &'s already hot! Time to spend with family & friends, barbecue competitions amongst neighbors and of course fireworks.  

Ah yes, fireworks! We all love them and as a kid, we all wanted to shoot them off. Of course my best friend and I were the targets of our older brothers who liked to chase us with fireworks.  

Because of the heat, you may not be thinking of hot coffee. But have you ever made cold brew? Cold brew is a great way to make coffee concentrate to be utilized as an ice coffee OR if you are craving the hot cup in the morning, all you need to do is add some boiling water to a 1/3 of the coffee concentrate and instantly you have hot coffee.  

The other awesome thing about cold brew is that the same coffee you drink everyday hot, will result in a completely different taste and profile when cold brew. The taste is sweeter and smooth with no acidity. The chemical reaction that takes places when heating the grounds gives you the acidity. Cold brew doesn't. Another great thing is it will last up to 6 weeks in the fridge. 

In our next quick blog, I'll discuss how to make cold brew simply at home. In the meantime, Johnny & I wish you a happy and safe 4th of July. Remember our vets & pets when it comes to fireworks.  

Follow Up To "Confessions" Blog

Well...."Play it Johnny!" Here is a follow up video blog about the Capresso Aroma Classic. Basically an electric pour over. Such a shame they no longer make in the U.S. Due to people complaining it was too tall to fit under the standard cabinets, but we don't mind because we can brew the coffee, remove the plug and bring it to your dinning table it's super easy to candle by the large stainless steel handle. stay perfectly in place..the carafe..the filter...All!  

so check it this short video that shows how it works. We found this at an estate sale, however I've seen them on eBay as well. Do some research and I bet you find one, if you do??? Let me know



I must confess, we do own an electric coffee pot. Before you judge us, let me explain. 

Capresso Aromatic Coffee Maker

Capresso Aromatic Coffee Maker

Our coffee maker is not the run of the mill box store special. It is a Capresso Aroma Classic. It is essentially an electric pour-over machine. 

Here is how it differs from your mother’s drip machine. The water is brought to a rolling boil in an upper glass chamber. Once it’s boiling, a valve opens and the water is slowly released into the coffee filter chamber. This is a slow process and the boiling water is allowed to sit in the coffee grounds while they bloom. The coffee then collects into a traditional looking glass coffee pot. The Capresso produces what is nearly as good as a manual pour-over because the brew process is so slow and, the coffee is much hotter since the water actual boils. Traditional coffee pots only attain a 175-190 degree temperature range (if you are lucky). 

Unfortunately the Capresso is no longer sold in the U.S. The primary reason they discontinued the unit is that it is too tall to fit under standard kitchen cabinets (The average upper cabinets in the U.S. are 16 3/4” above the counter and the Capresso stands 20” tall). What is additionally cool and unique is that once it is done brewing, unplug the cord from the wall and the unit and carry (pot, filter and all) to the table to pour. They can still be had on eBay and occasionally one will pop up in a second-hand store. If you find one, buy it! 

Next, we will show you a video on how this cool coffee maker works! Stay tuned....