Christmas in July....No...August!

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Working on coffee sack christmas stockings

Break out the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie (my all-time favorite) as I am in the Christmas mood. Please don't hate me...I know it is way too early for Christmas and no I am not decorating for Santa Claus to show up anytime soon. I am working on holiday gifts, containers ideas and more for Johnny Lolita's. 

I was supposed to start this in I am a little late. A popular holiday seller for us is our coffee burlap sack stockings. It is a great way to stuff a bag of coffee, some hot chocolate on a stick and yes...grab a bottle of wine and instant hostess gift. The stockings are always a limited supply based on coffee roasting production and how many of the coffee bags are burlap verses the GrainPro SuperGrain bag that extends the flavor and life of a green coffee bean. However, I always seem to have a supply of them to create my stockings for sale. 

Holiday events

Holiday events

For people who know me...I L-O-V-E Christmas! I always have and pretty sure I always will. I'm the wierdo that loves the season to last as long as possible. I enjoy creating hand made gifts for family and friends. I really love thinking of clever ways to decorate packages and wrap for my customers too. I enjoy working with themes or color schemes for a season and making each holiday season new and different. 

Sure it's been tough thinking about cold mornings wearing thick sweaters and boots creating gifts of cheer when its 112 degrees outside. But on a cloudy day like seemed like a good time to start. 

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

Infamous Lolita's Sin Cake  

I'm in the planning stages of new items to share during the Fall/Holiday Season and honestly...I can't wait. I know Johnny is always excited too during this time (said Johnny NEVER) because he gets to be my helper when I'm in production mode and trying to create and put it all together. I guess thats why I can't seemed to find him right now. Must be tangled up in some holiday ribbon wishing this would end. 

Tis the season to be Merry...



Weddings, Showers, Corporate Events And All Parties

Coffee bag sample & salted caramel bag sample

Coffee bag sample & salted caramel bag sample

I wanted to share (shameless plug) some of the fun things we are doing with our time. I L❤️VE roasting coffee and I L❤️VE making sweets and baked goods. Like I say all the time...Coffee goes great with something sweet!

It started back in El Paso assisting someone with a small gift giving event for a non-profit organization and now has grown to a big part of what we do. Which I'm thrilled...because I've always loved creating gifts of sweets and coffee and present them in unique ways depending on the event. 

Since then...we've done several weddings with coffee in small coffee bags or mini burlap sacks. We've done a bridal shower with decaf coffee favors along with the caffeinated option that was a big hit. 

Now, we've added some of our confections such as our handmade salted caramels, hot chocolate on a stick and mini jars of our new salted coffee caramel sauce...YUM!  

Homemade salted caramels

Homemade salted caramels

A fun and memorable gift for your guests for any special event you might have. If you have something special coming up and you are interested in offering some of our coffee and/or tasty sweets, feel free to contact me 


Stressed??? Well Stressed Spelled Backwards Is DESSERTS!

I love a little sweet with my that so bad? (wink wink smiley face)

A "sea..(sea salt) of caramels  

A "sea..(sea salt) of caramels  

I've always had a sweet tooth and I've always loved to bake and make candy. While John and I have been eating a lot healthier and watching the calorie intake, we've been very successful in losing weight. I will say that I don't deprive myself of something a little sweet every now and then. For me, I have been able to lose weight and still enjoy some tasty treats along the way. Everything in moderation, right?  

One of my favorite sweets to make is salted caramels. It is quite a process...not that it's a difficult just need time and patience. And...during the heat of the summer in Arizona, I am able to ship out unlike our chocolate confections,  

Example of our favors with salted caramels  

Example of our favors with salted caramels  

I've been doing more and more favors for weddings, showers and other corporate events utilizing our coffee beans and now we are creating amazing favors/gifts with our confections. It's a special way to offer a wonderful handmade memorable gift to give to your wedding guests, party goers, corporate employees or customers. 

If you're feeling a "sweet tooth" coming on and need something delivered locally or shipped.....or have a special event you would like to discuss....I'm happy to make something special for you. 


Johnny's Serving Boards Are Back!

Dying boards with coffee. 

Dying boards with coffee. 

Johnny & I are always looking to repurpose SOMETHING! I love getting old broken down furniture and making it new. Or taking an item that was meant for one thing and turning it into something fun and cool.

We are looking to grow our little business in new directions. There is so much we enjoy to create and we want to share with you. We have some big goals in store and need your help. By purchasing some of these cool items (this is the start of one such item) will help us get closer to our goal. I will share our new ideas very soon. (Wink wink smiley face) 

Serving board with copper bear and instructions  

Serving board with copper bear and instructions  

Now...we are bringing back our Serving Boards. These boards are made from pine, sanded to a smooth finish. They are then dyed with coffee grounds and oiled with food grade oil. These boards are more of a rustic way to display your olives, cheese and meats...or any other food items with style. 

They are easy to care for... Hand wash & dry, do not use in dishwasher. Wood will darken with use. You may oil from time to time using only food grade (butcher block) mineral oils.  

They make great gifts wrapped and the price is $17.00. Add some coffee samples...I'll warp it and makes a beautiful gift for a wedding, bridal shower or any other occasion. . With coffee samples and wrapped, the price is $28.00. 

We are currently working on them and if you are interested in one and wish to pre-order, write in the comments below. You do not pay ahead...this is to hold one for you since we do tend to sell these quickly. When completed, I will let you know and send an invoice. We can deliver locally in the Phoenix metro area or ship anywhere in the US. (Additional postage and delivery fees apply)

Add some coffee and we will wrap it up! Great gift  

Add some coffee and we will wrap it up! Great gift  

We will be putting together other unique items for sale as well to help us achieve our next goal. Thank you so much in advance and will be following up with another post about our new additional venture. 


You Know What? That Would Be Great With A Cup Of Coffee!

My whole life...I've been surrounded by that wonderful cup of java. I'd hear it (and smell it) in the morning....the Corningware (with the blue cornflower design) coffee pot "sputtering, hissing and percolating" our morning coffee. That was our cue to get up out of bed. 

Coffee goes great with???Everything! 

Coffee goes great with???Everything! 

Another thing that was very big in our family is what would taste great with that cup of coffee. Especially Phyllis, my beautiful Mom. it was really funny actually...we would see some commercial on TV about a new cake mix, recipes or anything chocolate and my Mom would say "Oh, I bet that would be great with a cup of coffee." 

We all did it actually. We would be out to dinner and when we finished our meal the waiter would offer up the dessert menu. He would leave us to our devices to discuss options and choices. Many times we would order one or two pieces and take home because....It would be great with a cup of our coffee at home!" 

Our life did surround that cup of coffee...typically with great conversation and a little sweet, but we needed that balance of rich chocolate or fruity pie with our wonderful perculated coffee. We'd search recipes just to find "the one" that would taste great with???? You got it...a cup of coffee. My brother Kim has become an excellent cook. I'd like to call him a Chef... he says "I just love good food...nothing fancy or gourmet, I'm not a chef, but I disagree. He creates fabulous pies from scratch. Right down to the crust. From fruit to chocolate, lemon or whip...they are De-lish! Of course when he's ready to unveil his latest creation....enjoying the pure sweet aroma...he turns to me and says "You know what? This will be great with a cup of coffee! Let me get some going." I know our Mom is smiling down on us and I know she's holding a fork in her hand to steal a bite. 

So in honor of our family tradition, I've enclosed a simple recipe that I know would be great with a cup of coffee. A Johnny Lolita's coffee blend would be best, wink wink smiley face  

  Soft Sugar Cookies


  • 2 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 Cup (2 sticks) Salted Butter softened
  • 1 1/4 cups Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (for rolling dough) 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper. Whisk together flour, baking soda and baking powder and set aside.  

In another bowl, add sugar and butter and cream together using an electric mixer. Add egg yolks and vanilla continue mixing. Add flour mixture and continue mixing until combined but don't over mix. Scoop dough into balls and roll in sugar and place on cookie sheet.  

Bake 15-18 minutes or until tops of cookies start to crack. Cool for 5 minutes on baking sheet before moving to wire rack. Now make a cup of coffee and enjoy!  


Mother's Day Is Coming

For all the havoc you created during those younger years, doesn't your Mom deserve some quiet time and a delicious cup of coffee? How about some fresh pecans along with her pound of Johnny Lolita's fresh roasted coffee? 

Be sure to get your order in for shipping (By Wed May 6th) or for local delivery in the El Paso/Las Cruces area (by Thurs May 7th).

Your Mom will thank you for it! 

Lolita 💋

Holiday Gift Ideas

We have some great holiday gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. We offer a great selection of holiday gifts, so be sure to go to our website at and shop online. 

However...I thought I would highlight some of our holiday gifts since we are certainly flying up to the holidays real fast. Here is a list of ideas....

Gift Subscriptions

If you LOVE coffee so much, wouldn't your family and friends LOVE it too? A wonderful coffee subscription. You can choose the length of your gift subscription and we will be sure to make a beautiful presentation of fresh roasted coffee packaged with great care. 

12 OZ bag of coffee per month $17.50 INCLUDES SHIPPING                                                             16 OZ bag of coffee per month $21.30 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Beautifully Boxed Bag of Coffee & Pecans $23.50

Receive a box with a pound of pecans and a pound of Johnny Lolita's fresh roasted coffee. A wonderful gift of New Mexico delivered to your door. 

Burlap Christmas Stockings $18.00 

Handmade stockings from our coffee burlap sacks. We have had great success so far this year. We have sold over 35 burlap stockings and have 10 left. Go to our website and grab one soon!  

Burlap Sack of Pecans $8.00 

Fresh local pecans from Southern New Mexico in partnership with BACH Farms. 

Gift Sets

The Aficionado $195.00

Beautifully boxed gift set that includes; Handmade Burr Grinder, Bialetti Moka Espresso Pot, 2 Ceramic Espresso Cups, Pour-Over Brewer plus filters, Coffee Vac Canister, BPH Free Tumbler 16 oz, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ) 

The Connoisseur  $125.00

Beautifully boxed gift set that includes; Handmade Burr Grinder, Pour-Over Brewer plus filters, BPH Free Tumbler 16 oz, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ)

The Enthusiast $80.00

Bialetti 32 OZ French Press, BPH Free Tumbler 16 OZ, Three Coffee Selections ( 3 OZ, 6 OZ & 16 OZ)

The Junkie $35.00 

A perfect gift set for the coffee lover truly devoted to a great cup of coffee. This set includes an Electric Grinder and one 16 OZ bag of coffee (your choice) 

Be sure to check out our website and shop online. If you have any question, you can always reach out to me. 


Pecans & Coffee....


Johnny and I have been hard at work helping a small local farm with their pecan trees. If you are familiar with Southern New Mexico and I know most of you are, we are filled with gorgeous and mature pecan groves. They make a beautiful tunnel of filters light in the summer and in the winter after the first or two below freeze temps...they produce a wonderful nut that we use so much especially during the holidays. 


I know how much our family enjoyed pecans during the holidays and we always loved sending them to family and friends far away. So much so that they were always looking forward to the same gift year-after-year of fresh pecans. 

This year Johnny and I have decided to create a unique duo set...fresh pecans and fresh roasted coffee. A taste of New Mexico from a local pecan farm and a local coffee roaster (that's me). We will have dup sets of a pound of pecans and a 12 OZ bag of coffee or 16 OZ. The pecans will be wrapped in a burlap sack and set along with the coffee tied with our turquoise bow. A great gift to receive during the holidays. 

You can go right online and order and have it shipped to your friend, coworker, neighbor or relative, or give me (Lolita) a shout (email or call) and I'll help you with all your Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday gift giving needs.  

New Warehouse Number 575-496-7383



Welcome to our new stage in Coffee Roasting! We now have a dedicated number for all your coffee, gift baskets and accessory needs. 

Please call 575-496-7383 for any coffee related orders. Remember, you can always email, Facebook, twitter or order directly on our website at 

We look forward to assisting you with any coffee needs.