“Yes, there is a Johnny!”

February marks an anniversary for us. Four years ago Johny Lolita’s was born. The time has really flown by! First I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has made our business a success. And, a special Thanks to to those of you who have been with us since our humble beginnings out on Hwy. 28 in La Union. NM. Thank You!

Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to address a question that we still received, at least once a week, all these years later. "Is there a Johnny?” For those that don’t know me, I am John…a.k.a. “Johnny”…as in Johnny Lolita’s. I am the guy that made your latte or prepared your lunch, set up, managed and tore down the the “Artisan” markets. I am the guy that ran around behind the scenes (and still does) doing “stuff”.  I am the guy responsible for the majority of the sarcastic Social Media posts (and all of the offensive ones!). “No, I am not Shawn’s (a.k.a. “Lolita”) employee”. Although I do work for her and she is the boss of me, I like to think I have some sway in the business. After all, I’m the guy who said, “we cold SO run a Coffee Shop!”

Lolita is the creative force behind Johnny Lolita’s. The Master Roaster, baker, candy maker. The beautiful face of Johnny Lolita’s. I am still the guy moving around in the backgrounded snidely muttering comments and opinions.

“Yes, there IS a Johnny!”

My Obsession With Coffee Related Antics

SIP IT....Sip It Good! 

Yes, I got out the red paint and painted it.  

Yes, I got out the red paint and painted it.  

Had their albums. D-E-V-O

Had their albums. D-E-V-O

What is wrong with me? Well, I am sure there is plenty and let's not let Johnny answer that question either. I am always looking at pictures and thinking of funny coffee related stuff to say. OR...I see a funny coffee saying and incorporate my own picture. I'm obsessed with it. I hear a song or see a movie and throw coffee in the mix...I think it's funny and have to share. 

For the longest time (pretty much since I first saw them), I've been obsessed looking at a "To-Go"coffee cup. Mostly the lid. Although it's not an absolute replica...it reminds me of the hats (or energy domes as they would say) the band DEVO would wear. Every time I see it, I sing in my head "Sip it...Sip it good!" Please tell me many of you know the song "Whip it...Whip it good!" 

Yes...I got the lipstick red paint out and painted the lid. Yup...I see it...I see the DEVO hat. No it doesn't have the extra layers but it's close enough. So I'm using it for my coffee comment of the day! 

Now you know...my crazy brain looking at life through "coffee colored glasses" (Isn't that a country song?...Hmm must look that one up. 

Ok...it doesn't have the extra layers...missing two more ridges.  

Ok...it doesn't have the extra layers...missing two more ridges.  

I also want to thank all my fans of my coffee comments that share new coffee saying and comments I might not have seen. I appreciate you looking out for me and keeping my habit up. (wink wink smiley face) 

Until then....Sip it....Sip it good!!!!!

Lolita 💋