How-To Order Online for Phoenix Metro Delivery

Johnny Lolita's is now in Arizona and we offer local delivery in the Phoenix metro area. If you want a fresh roasted bag of coffee...something sweet...or a unique gift for that special someone, we can deliver right to your door... at home or office. 

However, many of you asked..."How do I do this? Well, you can do it through our website. It's not just for shipping's for local delivery too!

I've put together a video showing our website and how you can order anything we sell online and have it delivered right to you here in Phoenix. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! I hope I get to see your smiling face real soon! 

Lolita 💋 

Turquoise Trail Now Lolita's Blend

I know I have caused a bit of confusion over the last several weeks with our customers. I apologize that I didn't forward people of the name change of our favorite "House" coffee. Turquoise Trail is now called Lolita's Blend. So, why the name change? 

Because I love making you all crazy...(wink wink, smiley face). goal is NOT to make you crazy. So I am truly sorry that I had people in a panic. I received several calls and emails asking why I was no longer making Turquoise Trail?!!! Why would I remove that  blend from our line up of coffee. That was their favorite coffee!!! 

Lolita's Blend
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On our website, I guess I didn't make it very clear that it was still the same wonderful blend only the name had changed. I didn't realize when you go to the shopping page that people are seeking Turquoise Trail and not seeing that listed, they assumed it was gone. It's not it just has a new name. 

So, why the name change? Johnny and I have discussed this ad nauseam. He always wanted me to name the blend after me, since I was the one that created it. I was always looking for a different name other than mine. So for the last 3+ years, I have been listening to Johnny tell me that I should use my name. 

Well, I finally gave in. It is STILL the rich delicious flavor you have enjoyed with Turquoise Trail. The ONLY thing that has changed is the name... I love this coffee. It is a blend of two high quality single origin beans delivering a smooth full body and rich taste. You can taste the smooth richness of cocoa, caramel/nutty flavor with a slight citrus finish. We roast each single origin bean separately, roasting one dark and one medium roast. A wonderful combination for any coffee lover. 

It is our #1 seller and it is not going anywhere. I appreciate all of my loyal customers and friends who were upset for removing Turquoise Trail coffee. It's there with a new name...Lolita's Blend. 

Lolita 💋

Iced Latte at Home

latte before I stirred.  

latte before I stirred.  

Practice what you preach....Well I am doing just that. Everyone enjoys going out for a bite to eat, a cocktail or every ones morning favorite...COFFEE! 

The top two comments I hear are 1). Yes, it's an expensive habit to buy 1-2 times a day 2). I enjoy the wonderful tasting coffee and the awesome tasting specialty drinks coffee shops create which I can't make at home. Yes you can.

I too, go out and enjoy many local roasters' coffee and espresso based drinks. It's nice to get out and treat yourself. However, I am a bit of a penny pincher and don't want to do this every single day. So, I ensure I have what it takes to make great coffee at home. Yesterday afternoon...I was in the mood for an iced latte. 

Moka pot  

Moka pot  

It starts with wonderful fresh roasted coffee like Johnny Lolita's (shameless plug) a Moka Pot, milk and you're favorite flavor syrup.  

I recently posted a blog regarding using my Moka Pot (Moka Pot & Homemade Whipped Cream Sept 2) Its very easy to use and you can enjoy a very strong espresso style coffee. Although I have a commercial grade espresso machine, I wanted to show you that using a Moka Pot works just as well.

I have a 6 cup Moka Pot (this is 6 espresso cups) that I use. That way I have extra espresso to freeze into cubes for drinks. I made a full pot and I let the espresso cool down since I am making an iced latte. 

I used a 20 OZ plastic cup and added a shot (yes, I use a simple shot glass) of flavor syrup. Today, I used a homemade caramel sauce. Next, pour your cooled espresso over the sauce and stir. Fill with ice and add your milk. I used 2%...however, use whole milk, skim, soy or any milk you'd like. 

Lastly....Enjoy your wonderful homemade creation in the comfort of your home. I don't know about you...but I think it tastes even better when I make it! 

Lolita 💋

Pop Up Video

I am planning to start some of these "Pop Up Videos". Sharing some information about what we are doing, lots of cool stuff about coffee and...anything else! Today I wanted to share with you our Ethiopian coffee and what I like about it. 

Oh...and yes...I do mention "The Military Diet" I am on so I will share that with you later. 

Have a great day 

A beautiful fragrant aroma will fill your nose when you take your first sip. Ethoipian beans roasted to a beautiful medium roast. 

Country: Ethiopia

Process: Natural 

Varietal: Heirloom

Certification; Direct Trade

Degree of roast; Medium roast City 

Tasting Notes: Fragrant, floral, berries

Lolita 💋