Your Coffee Is Out For Delivery

I love reading those words on my computer. Well....the United States Post Service doesn't know that the packages I'm shipping contain coffee, but I know. And the only thing the USPS emails me is "Your package is delivered"...but I know better.


So does the postman that comes to pick up the orders and so does the postal guy at our local counter. With all theses boxes filled with fresh roasted coffee, you can't miss it.  My one friend at the post office loves to take a deep breath in and inhale all that coffee goodness. Of course there is typically a line of people watching as I pass them by and pile all the packages on the side counter. (No, I'm not cheating...I've created and paid for my labels online so all I have to do is drop off) however, people do wonder of this odd relationship I have with the postal guy. But we don't care....we both stick our faces in all the packages, inhale together and just smile. We then part with a wave and say "Until next time." And he says "I'll be waiting." 

We roast our coffee fresh on Monday and Thursday to ensure that all our customers receive the freshest batch of roasted coffee. So if you order online or for local delivery Thursday through Sunday, we will roast Monday and ship out Tuesday. If you order Monday through Wednesday, we will roast Thursday and ship out Friday. 

Head to Johnny Lolita's online and check out our latest coffee offerings. Order your next bag of coffee...delivered fresh to your door. 



It Starts With A Flame

It's dawn, very quiet and slightly cooler this early in the morning. I love this time of day. Everything is fresh and new. You're starting a new day...a new quest...a new adventure. For me, my quest is for the perfect tasting cup.  

As I sit in the quietness of the room filled with large burlap sacks of green coffee beans, I chuckle to myself, "How did I get here?" I guess I'm more sensitive to it as I just hit a monumental birthday a couple of weeks ago, but can't help but smile at how my life has changed and switched gears. I'm here because I took a chance at something I've never done before but have become very passionate about. I had a successful career in "Corporate America" but wanted something more. I counseled so many candidates during the economy crash in 2008 who lost their jobs and now we're in a situation where they didn't know what they were going to do but had a desire to chase a dream. Doing something completely different and possibly outrageously risky! Yes...I counseled them on taking the steps to seek and figure out what they wanted to do next in their career adventure. (Yes an adventure....a career adventure). John and I found ourselves in the same boat...and I began taking our own advice and here I am....up at dawn...roasting coffee.

It does start with a flame. The light of the gas and the drum heating up to welcome its first batch of green coffee all the way from Sumatra. Roasting the coffee beans to deliver an earthy taste that has a heavy mouth-feel. Or the next batch of green beans that will result in a spicy and citrus taste in your cup. My goal each day I roast is to deliver the freshest and best tasting cup of coffee for you to start your day. It is my goal each day, one that I've become so passionate about. 

We've been doing this a little over two years now and have grown successfully (slow but constant) and hopefully ready to take Johnny Lolita's to the next level. I know it's just coffee....but that fresh hot cup first thing in the morning can set your day as well as finishing up a perfect meal at the end of your day. Hot or Iced...Caffeine or Decaf....that is my goal. starts with a flame. 

My goal is to always deliver you the freshest and great tasting coffee each day.

Lolita 💋 

I Have No Time To Buy Anything! We've got you covered!

What??!!! You still have gifts to give and no time to ship them? OR... You just can't find the perfect gift? How about a gift of fresh roasted coffee? 

All you need to do is:

Contact us 575-496-7383

1. Let us know if you want 3 months, 6 months etc of coffee delivered to the recipient.

2. Give us their email address AND

3. We'll do the rest! 

We will send out a beautiful note letting your family, friend or loved know that they will be receiving a coffee gift from you. 

BONUS! If you purchase a one year subscription of coffee, we will include a free electric coffee grinder for them to have to grind their fresh roasted beans. Check out our sample letter below. This is what the recipient will receive via email. We will provide your name and info (I used Johnny as an example) and let them know what they will be receiving.

****Please note, that a free electric grinder is only available with the year subscriptions. 

Gift Subscription of 12 oz coffee is $17.50 per month (shipping included). Gift subscription of 16 oz coffee $21.35 shipping included) {*taxes applicable}

Call us if you need something by Christmas, We've got you covered. 



New Warehouse Number 575-496-7383



Welcome to our new stage in Coffee Roasting! We now have a dedicated number for all your coffee, gift baskets and accessory needs. 

Please call 575-496-7383 for any coffee related orders. Remember, you can always email, Facebook, twitter or order directly on our website at 

We look forward to assisting you with any coffee needs. 


Johnny Lolita's Coffee Roasters is moving!


Johnny Lolita's Coffee Roasters is moving!

Johnny's desire to move full time to New Mexico has taken us close to the Organ Mountains. Our growing desire to build this small dream of roasting coffee has resulted in a successful online business. It has allowed Lolita to truly dedicate her passion to roasting the perfect cup of coffee for all our customers. 

We are very excited and don't fret...close by. The good news is we are always a mouse click away where you can purchase coffee, accessories and baskets online. Soon, we will be premiering our new website offering monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions delivered to your door. 

Bringing our operations back of house, so to speak, allows us to have the opportunity to travel within the region and participate in events and shows instead of being stuck in a retail brick and mortar environment. 

After spending 20 successful years in the Recruitment Industry, this has allowed us the ability to spend the next 10+ years to build a new business without worry. We now wish to learn and experience all of the Southwest region so we can create new and unique blends combining wonderful and superior coffee beans with some of the unique spices and foods of the region. 


In addition... if you were coming in to Elegant Consignment store to purchase your coffee, we will be happy to drop off your coffee order there If you call us by no later than Saturday of each week, we will deliver your fresh roasted coffee on Tuesday at Elegant Consignment. 

As always, any unique orders of baskets, bags and other gifts, we are always happy to accommodate. Remember we are a phone call, text or email away. 

Please let us know what we can do for you and we look to our continued service to our loyal customers. 

It's August!

Cant believe how we've flown through the summer. It seems like yesterday that everyone was excited for school yo be out and the vacation plans were "a plenty"! Now many of my good friends are preparing for the school year and thinking about the last trip they will take during Labor Day weekend. 

We've been extremely pleased with so many loyal customers coming in month after month for their favorite Johnny Lolita's roast. Thank you...thank you....! I work very hard to bring you fresh roasted coffee and new crops verses 2-10 year old beans stored in warehouses hoping to sell. 


We have two new roasts we are introducing. 

We are offering a wonderful Brazil dark roast. This estate has consistently offered high quality coffee and has consistent,y won numerous awards. A wonderful cup for the dark/robust coffee drinker. With tasting notes of Chocolate, creamy body and acidity. 

Our other new coffe is from Costa Rica. This is a first for us in roasting Costa Rica beans and it will not disappoint. This is a wonderful medium roast that has a very clean taste. The tasting notes are sweet with a vanilla aftertaste and very bright. It's nice as it's different from our Brazil/Guatemala, other central Regions and Sumatra. A great addition. 

Please come in and try some your self. Don't forget we have our other amazing coffees available.  


We are having a special this week on our Colombia and El Salvador. Our Columbia is a dark roast with hint of green apple and vanilla bean and our El Salvador is an awesome medium to light roast offering a sweet nectar and nutty tast to your cup. Normally $13.50. On special for $11.00. Some come in and grab a pound or two.  

We are always offering sample of our "coffee of the day" and would love to talk about our beans and our roasts. So be sure to stop in. We have lots of new things in such as Moka Pots, French Press and coffee accessories. Beautiful and unique gift baskets for any occasion and also great gift for clients. We finished an order for a medical company that was giving small "thank you gifts" to their current and future customers. So be sure to stop in and I am happy to assist you any way I can. 



What's Up, People!

I hope many of you have been enjoying your summer. For those who like in El Paso or in the Southwest...I hope you've had a chance to escape to your favorite beaches or mountains this summer. Right now, I'd La La LOVE to escape to Santa Fe NM. I love staying at the La Fonda Hotel parking my care and spend most of my days walking all around the plaza or taking a bicycle ride to near destinations. 

However, here I sit realizing that before you know it, The Holidays will be fast upon us so I am spending my July preparing for the holidays with beautiful handmade gifts to give and to add to a beautiful container for gift giving. 

So what's up? This week I wanted to offer something for my wonderful customers. Our awesome Ethiopian coffee. As I mentioned before, it makes a wonderful hot cup. However, try it iced. The floral fragrant and " juicy berry" taste makes for an enjoyable tall glass in this hot and humid weather we are experiencing here (El Paso). 

This wonderful top grade bean is sold by the pound for $14.50. This week we have it for $11.00. So be sure to grab a pound while supplies last. As you know we roast fresh weekly.  



Another thing new this week is our new toy! Our Bialetta Moka Pot Espresso. This is a 6 cup espresso pot that helps you make the best espresso. Of course with a little help with some fresh roasted Johnny Lolita's coffee! 

I'll be posting a video soon on how to use the Moka Pot shortly. I was so excited I grabbed one and took it home. Quick read on the instructions and it was very easy to. The Moka Pot worked perfectly and I sat with Johnny and enjoyed a wonderful espresso courtesy of the Bialetti Moka Pot and Johnny Lolita's hand roasted coffee.

Check out the cute espresso cups we have for sale. Looks like a crumpled paper cup. 

Check out the cute espresso cups we have for sale. Looks like a crumpled paper cup. 

Come by for a visit and grab one of these Moka Pots along with some great hand roasted coffee, other awesome coffee accessories, great art, vintage items and more! Remember we are inside the Elegant Consignment Shop at the shops at Placita Santa Fe. Open Tues through Sat 10-5

Lolita 💋

Pour Overs, A Great Way To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee!

There are so many ways to make your morning cup of joe. From electric drip to percolator to now the big thing...Kuerig single cups. However, many are returning to the "old school" way of making coffee. 

One thing that I've learned is that the ideal water temperature to make that wonderful tasting cup is between 195 and 210 degrees. This allows the coffee to "bloom" (I know, fancy terminology) and bring a tasty brew down to your cup.  


A popular product is the pour over. It's a great way to grab a perfect tasting cup of coffee especially when you are purchasing fresh roasted beans (of course from Johnny Lolita's) and grinding as you need.  

This is a ceramic pour over by Melitta. Very sturdy, helps keep your water hot throughout the process and delivers a great tasting cup of coffee. 

Grab your Melitta and set it on top of your coffee cup. Grind the amount of coffee you will need for your cup, mug or travel cup. Set aside. 


Add your #2 filter and place inside. Heat your water until it's boiling. Next you will need to "preheat" your filter by pouring water over the filter and letting it drip into the cup. This will allow you to set up the filter, heat up the pour over and cup. You don't need to add a lot just enough to wet the filter. Pour out the water you used to treat the filter and cup. 

Next you will add your ground coffee to the wet filter and now pour the hot water in the pour over. Be sure you pour the water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds. 

image.jpg just wait for that awesome goodness to filter through down to the cup! Remove the pour over off your cup and discard the filter.  

Last step....drink! Be sure to stop in and purchase a pour over, grab some coffee and enjoy!


Lolita 💋 






Keeping Your Coffee Fresh!

Customers are always asking me how to keep their fresh roasted beans fresh? So many thoughts out there....should I put it in the fridge? If you want it to taste like "last night's Red Enchiladas" you can. 😁 Should I store in the freezer....well yes, but there are some limitations.  

First recommendation is to purchase fresh roasted coffee as you need. Purchase what you'll need for the next 1-2 weeks. Keeping whole bean.....and grind what you need that day for coffee is ideal too! We grind our coffee every time we are ready to have a cup. Even if we have it twice a day..... we grind as we need. Johnny and I are looking into coffee subscriptions locally and out-of-state where you purchase on a monthly basis and you don't have to think about it and receive a pound or two...whatever you need. Locally, we will even deliver! (Details coming soon) 

ideally it is best to keep air, moisture heat and light away from your beans...In that order! So it is NOT good to refrigerate or freeze your daily supply of coffee. Moisture will begin to develop and break down your bean. If you've purchased a large amount of coffee, you can take a portion and place it in a resealable bag and freeze. However, when you are ready to use, pull it out but do not refreeze. You can freeze one time but trying to freeze again, then, you will start to build moisture and ruin the beans. This only applies to whole beans not ground. Ground coffee begins loosing it's essence quickly and freezing in ground form is never recommended. 

Placing your coffee in a cupboard is typically what I recommend. A cool, dry and dark place. So stay away from the cupboards that are near the stove or on a wall that gets the direct sun from outside.  

Excessive air is one of the biggest "spoilers" of coffee. It's what can bring your beans to "staleness" quickly. We now have an awesome product for your beans. It's a Coffee Vac canister. These canisters work the same way as the one way degassing valves. Letting out the gases without allowing oxygen in. It's easy to use and helps maintain coffee freshness from your first cup to your last! 

We started selling them and one of our customers came in the other day and told me how much she loved her Coffee Vac canister. She can tell a big difference in the continued fresh taste of her roasted coffee beans.  


So, the next time you're in the shop, be sure to grab a canister along with your pound of beans. It'll continue keeping the freshness of your coffee!  


Customer Appreciation Week June 17-21!

We L-O-V-E our customers and appreciate your business!  


Johnny and I have learned a lot in the last 16 months...a lot about coffee roasting, doing something we love and making people happy! We so enjoy when people try our coffee for the first time and they light up. They comment about the smoothness and taste and most importantly the smile on their face when they talk about the cup. The best compliment I receive is when someone tells me..."I always put creme and sugar in my coffee. However, with your coffee, it doesn't need it!" That always makes my day grinning ear to ear that I've created something people enjoy. 

So Johnny and I want to return the favor and thank you for your patronage and support... Thank you for coming in time and time again and purchasing coffee from us. As a thank you, we'd like to offer a discount this week. Starting June 17-21, receive 10% off one pound of coffee. If you purchase two or more pounds, receive 15% off.  

We appreciate your business and we hope to deliver more new and exciting coffee this season! New crops of coffee are being shipped as we speak...can't wait to roast from new countries and enjoy new cups of coffee with you along with our current blends. 

Lolita 💋