Put Some Whiskey In My Coffee Because It's Ireland Somewhere

This is an updated version of my traditional Irish Coffee recipe...

With A Name Like O'Hara...I Should Love Irish Coffee

I La La L-O-V-E Irish Coffee. Why, you ask? I'm not really sure. My Father, Thomas Patrick O'Hara, was very big into St Patrick's Day wearing his gorgeous green outfit that consists of a gorgeous slacks, thin knit mock turtleneck with a gorgeous suede lightweight jacket. All in a beautiful shade of green. The epitome of style. 

After college, I moved to Southern CA and loved hanging out in Newport Beach CA. One of my favorite spots was a little Irish Pub/Restaurant called Muldoon's Irish Pub. As the sun begins to set in SoCal, it always cools down quite a bit even in the summer. I always enjoyed a wonderful cup of Irish Coffee made dark with some good ol' Irish Whiskey. Still a favorite beverage for me today AND especially since I roast coffee...well it's an awesome cup! 

Here is the story about Irish Coffee and how it began it goes like this...

Irish Coffee began back in 1942 at an airbase near Limerick. This was a main airport for Flying Boats flying between Europe and the US. Weather along the west coast of Ireland can be very bad causing the fights to return back to the airbase and waiting for the weather to clear. 

On a particular stormy winter night, a pilot decided to return back to the airbase and wait out the storm. Mostly of Americans, (the flight was heading into New York) the restaurant was informed that the flight would be returning and the passengers would be there overnight. A young Irish Chef Joe Sheridan decided to prepare the passengers a warm and wonderful drink. He brewed rich dark coffee, added a small amount of brown sugar, some Irish Whiskey and floated some creme on top. As the passengers began to take in their first sip they were amazed at the wonderful taste. A passenger asked "Hey is this Brazilian Coffee?" "No" Chef Joe replied..."It'sIrish Coffee."

Irish Coffee became a staple on the menu and if it wasn't for a travel writer, Stanton Deplane, it wouldn't have become such an international success. Stanton took the recipe to Jack Keoppler, a bartender at the infamous Buena Vista in San Francisco where they worked diligently to recreate the recipe. The problem was that the whipped creme kept sinking to the bottom. Through trial and error they realized they needed to add a little sugar and make a thick creme, not cold whipped creme to set on top. 

Today, the Buena Vista is still famous for making and selling Irish Coffees. They say that they average about 2,000 Irish Coffees a day.

So...you want the original recipe for making good ol' Irish Coffee? Here it is.

Here is the original Joe Sheridan Irish Coffee Recipe:

Cream - Rich as an Irish Brogue

Coffee - Strong as a Friendly Hand

Sugar - Sweet as the tongue of a Rogue

Whiskey - Smooth as the Wit of the Land.

Pre-heat a clear stemmed glass with very hot water. Empty the water, and add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Now add some freshly brewed rich coffee and stir.  As soon as the sugar is melted, add a generous measure of Irish Whiskey (big or small shot, you choose). Stir again, then wait for the brew to still. Now take a hot spoon and pour gently whipped fresh cream slowly over the back of the spoon. The cream should be "half whipped" i.e. not too stiff and not too liquid. 

This year, I made a video using a moka pot brew. You'll notice that the whipping cream is not something that comes out of a can. The true recipe calls for a "half whipped" cream. So it is thick and pourable (if that is even a word, wink wink smiley face)  


I suggest Johnny Lolita's Turquoise Trail, Brazil Dark and Costa Rica as your coffee base for this wonderful Irish drink. Cheers, or if you wish to say it in gaelic, Sláinte


Lolita 💋

The "Shack" is Back!

Many of you have wondered, "What does Johnny do when he is not supervising Lolita?" Excellent question! More correctly stated, "What does Johnny do to stay out of Lolita's way so that she doesn't strangle him?" I buy, sell, collect and create stuff!

Johnny's Junk Shack is back! When visiting Johnny Lolita's for coffee, confections and event services, wander through the shop and take a peek into the back room (so to speak). You'll find an ever changing assortment of cool gift ideas. Antiques, vintage items, unique hand-made items, collectibles, ephemera, photos, art and more! Just as with Lolita's awesome coffee, we can ship right to your front door or, deliver in the Phoenix metro area. Johnny's Junk Shack

Spring in in the air and you know what that means...Spring Cleaning! Do you have things tucked away in closets and cupboards that you'd like gone? Contact me directly at johnny@johnnylolitas.com to see how I can help. 

Look for updates on events which Johnny's Junk Shack will be participating in (both in person and virtual). It's good to be back! 

Johnny's Junk Shack @ Thieves Market

Johnny is at it again....He's been collecting and buying. Now he wants to sell. We will be heading to the cool & famous Thieves Market this Saturday March 4th from 8AM-3PM. It's going to be a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and warmer weather. 


Johnny will have interesting finds such as vintage glassware, all kinds of ephemera, vintage ties and other men's accessories. Also cool collectibles such as a coco-cola cooler, large ice tongs and ceramics. He's also been creating some cool repurposed and up-cycled art too. 

So if you are searching for vintage items, need a cool gift from our repurposed items for home decor or looking for a simple gift like our coffee dyed serving boards, then please come visit our booth at the Thieves Market. 

Thieves Market started many moons ago up in Cave Creek. I remember attending some of the very first markets. However, it has grown so much that they have taken over a large parking lot at Big Surf in Tempe. 

There... you will find all vintage and antique period! Whether it's recycled or sold "as-is" it is all vintage and antique all the time. 

We will NOT have any of our coffee or confections at this event since it is dedicated to vintage flea style...however we will keep you posted when we are at the next event with our coffee and treats! 

Please stop by and say hello...we would love to meet you and see you there!

Address: 1500 North McClintock, Tempe AZ (Big Surf parking lot) 


Some of the items we will be selling... 

How-To Order Online for Phoenix Metro Delivery

Johnny Lolita's is now in Arizona and we offer local delivery in the Phoenix metro area. If you want a fresh roasted bag of coffee...something sweet...or a unique gift for that special someone, we can deliver right to your door... at home or office. 

However, many of you asked..."How do I do this? Well, you can do it through our website. It's not just for shipping out-of-state...it's for local delivery too!

I've put together a video showing our website and how you can order anything we sell online and have it delivered right to you here in Phoenix. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! I hope I get to see your smiling face real soon! 

Lolita 💋 

Pour Over Stations

Pour Over Stations....

A beautifully handmade piece that provides a quick & delicious cup of coffee. I know many of you out there love your single cup Keurig machines. I get that...they are quick and super easy to use. I owned one too, many years ago. AND...I bought a commercial version that was plumbed right into my water system. 

The one thing that we never liked about our Keurig was that the coffee never seemed hot enough. I know that is probably more MY problem than the machine, but I do like a hot cup of coffee and I do like to sip and enjoy and not have it cool down so fast. 

Since starting our business and roasting coffee, Johnny has been searching for unique ways to build simple pour over stations that we could take with us everywhere and enjoy a great cup of coffee. We've seen many wonderful ideas via Pinterest and have created some of our own. 

We are looking to build additional stations using salvaged items and maybe adding other elements. Johnny enjoys working with wood so I had him create a large pour over station where I could pour up to 3 single cups of coffee. I wanted a couple so I could take with me to "Home Parties" or events. These work great as I can travel and use them as a crate to fill with coffee, creamer, sugar etc. Many people have really liked them and Johnny has begun designing other styles that are smaller or more compact for any size home. 

What is great about these in wood is that we can stain the station and possibly add initials or a name. You see here I have our logo. We are also looking into wood burning as well. 

The neat thing is that you can hide all your items like the ceramic pour over, creamer, sugar, honey etc. and flip it around so it shows just the front. It fits under the cabinet too. 

Another style Johnny & I really like is more of an industrial style. So with the help of Pinterest we made this copper tubing style. Equipped with a heat proof funnel!

I love the simplicity of it and its compact to hide anywhere you wish. A customer of mine saw some Instagram pics of it and loved it so much, she wanted to have Johnny make her one for her office! 

We are going to be adding more of these pour over stations on our website, however, if you are interested in a wood style or our industrial copper style...drop me a line...I would love to chat! 

Lolita 💋 

“Yes, there is a Johnny!”

February marks an anniversary for us. Four years ago Johny Lolita’s was born. The time has really flown by! First I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has made our business a success. And, a special Thanks to to those of you who have been with us since our humble beginnings out on Hwy. 28 in La Union. NM. Thank You!

Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to address a question that we still received, at least once a week, all these years later. "Is there a Johnny?” For those that don’t know me, I am John…a.k.a. “Johnny”…as in Johnny Lolita’s. I am the guy that made your latte or prepared your lunch, set up, managed and tore down the the “Artisan” markets. I am the guy that ran around behind the scenes (and still does) doing “stuff”.  I am the guy responsible for the majority of the sarcastic Social Media posts (and all of the offensive ones!). “No, I am not Shawn’s (a.k.a. “Lolita”) employee”. Although I do work for her and she is the boss of me, I like to think I have some sway in the business. After all, I’m the guy who said, “we cold SO run a Coffee Shop!”

Lolita is the creative force behind Johnny Lolita’s. The Master Roaster, baker, candy maker. The beautiful face of Johnny Lolita’s. I am still the guy moving around in the backgrounded snidely muttering comments and opinions.

“Yes, there IS a Johnny!”

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's is upon us. The day of L❤️VE! Isn't every day supposed to be a day of love? Do we need a holiday to boast "Hey show that someone you love them!" For just one day? 

When Johnny and I were dating and ever since I would tell him.."Please, do not buy flowers for me on Valentine's Day." I hated to see something, like flowers, that you could purchase within reason every other day of the year...triple in price to show that someone you love them. That's crazy. 

I have friends in the business and hate me for writing this...but I know it goes beyond their flower shops. It's just hard to swallow that after Valentine's Day the flowers will drop in price.  

Johnny is reading over my shoulder as he is pouring me a second cup asking me why I am writing this since I am in the business of selling a product, I have Valentine's Day gifts to sell and I'm telling people basically not to purchase on VD.  

Not true...I don't think you need to have a holiday to let that special someone know you are thinking of them AND I don't think you need to purchase something that changes in price before and after that holiday.  

I have created some gift ideas that won't break the bank....that can be enjoyed...and still have something special and unique after it's all over. 

Hand painted cups

I am beginning a series of hand painted coffee cups. (The Art of Coffee) My first start is with hearts. Yes, perfect for Valentine's Day, however giving this cup to someone (or buying one for yourself) any time of the year perfectly fine.  


What is unique is that no two cups will be exactly alike. They are not created via a computer and machine, they are all hand painted. I use the same color scheme and will create similar cups...however they won't be exact. So you are able to buy just one or if you wish to have a set...they will all go together. The paint is heat treated so it's permanent I would recommend washing by hand. 

I've put together a few gift ideas adding some fresh baked biscottis & dipped pretzels to fresh roasted coffee & Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Wrap in cellophane and add a unique ribbon tie...a very nice gift to give to friends, coworkers or that special someone. We will even add a little note from you. 

If you wish to just purchase the cups by themselves, that's ok too. 


Handmade Pinatas 

Who doesn't love a brightly colored piñata filled with yummy surprises! I know I do. I made these using recycled cardboard, hot glue and crepe paper. You won't have to "beat them with a stick" to recieve your reward of treats...I'll provide a simple opening. 

Heart shaped and your choice of red or pink, PLUS a cute little saying attached. These can be filled with our salted caramels, chocolate clusters or hand dipped pretzels.  


Many of the Valentine's gift ideas cost about $17.50 and go up as high as $24.00. A great price that won't change after the holiday. 

Local delivery!

Thats right! If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we will gladly deliver your gift to home or office. If you wish to send to a coworker...we will deliver. A friend at home?...we will deliver. Anyone here locally  we are happy to deliver for you or deliver to you so you can give it personally. Whatever you like. We do charge a local delivery fee, however it is the same fee we charge holiday or not. It won't rise for VD...it is the same price always. 


Have it shipped! 

We will gladly ship your item for you as well. We will wrap it differently to ensure there is no breakage but it will be delivered to that special someone as well. (Shipping fees based on where it's going) 

Get your orders in! 

Due to the fact that the cups and Pinatas are handmade AND they are to be delivered in time for  Valentine's Day, we need to recieve your orders ASAP! 

If you are delivering locally or shipping, we need to have orders in by Feb 6th so we have time to produce. If you are looking for gifts for clients or a party, please reach out to me vial email as soon as you can so I can prepare. I would love to discuss anything you need. 

Feel free to click on this link to the right to check out all our Valentine's gift ideas. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Hope you have a great day! 



Who Are We?

Three little words....Who-Are-We? 

And yet the response can be more than three words...a sentence...a paragraph...a novel. 

Johnny and I first met in a coffee shop...our love of coffee has continued. To this day coffee remains at the center of our social universe.

We enjoy working together and we each bring different attributes to our business. Roasting coffee, creating confections & baked goods and unique products, salvaged items and accessories to enjoy while entertaining. 

Some of our earliest and fondest memories are of family and friends gathering around the kitchen table visiting, sharing stories and laughs over coffee and maybe something sweet. Becoming coffee roasters  seemed natural to us. We believe our coffee is unique, not what you would find in a grocery store. We are dedicated to quality and providing you the very best cup. And we will deliver right to your home or office (Phoenix metro area) or ship. Johnny has a quote that has remained since we started our business..."Coffee should be enjoyed, not endured." 

I have always been passion about baking and making confections. I can remember as a very small child wanting to bake with my mom. I loved creating delicious desserts and uniquely packaging them as gifts to give to family & friends. This has remained with me throughout my adult life and now I am following that passion once again.

Presentation and great taste...we will make it special. From coffee favors, salted caramels, rustic containers containing cookies for a shower or beautifully wrapped mini cakes or themed containers for a corporate event, we would love to help create a memorable and delicious gift/dessert for your clients, customers or guests. 

We are here to make great coffee, sweets and other products, empower others to live simply and build a community where we disconnect from technology from time-to-time and connect with each other...at home, small gatherings or special events. 

We are very excited about the road we are traveling! We hope you will join us on our journey. 

It isn't about the destination...for me it's all about the journey and how the roads of life intertwine and the people you meet along the way.-Lolita💋  




A Cup of Coffee

This morning as I was half listening to the news reports regarding the Presidential Inauguration schedule, I heard something that caused me to stop what I was doing. …”Before their ride to the Inauguration ceremony President Obama and President Elect Trump will share a cup of coffee in the Blue Room”….

The final act of a President and the first act of a President, sharing a cup of coffee. Of all the things I might have imagined taking place on such a monumental day, I never even considered that they would take time out to sit and share a cup of coffee. 

A quick bit of research indicated that this has been a tradition since the 19th century. Presidents host their successors on Inauguration Day as a show of civility. For a brief moment, the time it takes to share a cup of coffee; regardless of Party affiliation, these two men are equals. 

How humbling, candid and honest that simple moment must be. How human. What do they discuss? The official Inauguration ceremony has yet to happen. However, the transfer of power takes place over a cup of coffee.  Two men. The two most powerful men in the world at that moment. Each embarking on a new career…and they begin that journey together…with a cup of coffee.



REMINDER! Time To Clean Your Coffee Brewers

Getting ready to be cleaned

Getting ready to be cleaned

I know there is talk or saying~"Don't clean your coffee maker, it's well seasoned and keeps your coffee tasting great!" Uh....No! In my opinion, that's gross.  

If you don't have an RO system (reverse osmosis) or other filter action system, your coffee brewers/makers will build up a lot of calcium and minerals that will soon ruin your coffee brewer of choice AND makes your coffee start to taste a little yucky. AND...using filtered water WILL build up deposits and minerals too. 

So it's nice to clean them out often to keep your coffee makers brewing great coffee.  

The one I turn to is Distilled White Vinegar. I'm sure you are familiar of the advantages of using Distilled Vingear to decalcify. When you notice your coffee maker not driping as quickly as it used to, it's time to get the vinegar out. 

It's not just for salads.  

It's not just for salads.  

As you know, I have just about every style of coffee brewer from single pour to espresso machine. However, I love this electric Pour Over that Johnny purchased for me. Unfortunately they stopped making them for the US because people complained that it wouldn't fit under there kitchen cabinets. Who cares!!!! I love it because after it brews you can unplug it and carry it by the top handle to your dinning table to serve coffee. Everything stays in place...the coffee carafe never moves as you maneuver through the house. It's super cool.  

Anyway, I will take about half of a small bottle of vinegar and pour up top. Whatever coffee maker you have just add to the reservoir. I usually let that sit for a few minutes just on its own. Then I will turn on the coffee maker and begin brewing through as if I'm making coffee. It's amazing how quick and easy this is. If you feel you need to run it again with vinegar, let your coffee carafe cool and just pour the vinegar back through and start the brewing process again. 

Next, discard the vinegar from your carafe and wash with soapy water. If there are other removable parts, I would suggest you wash those as well. You are now wanting to remove the vinegar from your carafe and coffee parts. 

For espresso machines and use for other coffee accessories

For espresso machines and use for other coffee accessories

Lastly, add water to your coffee reservoir and and run water through the maker a couple of times to remove any residual vinegar. When you think you've run enough water through the machine, I would take a sip of the hot water you just ran through. Make sure it doesn't taste "vinegar-y". I learned the hard way years ago when Johnny had cleaned the coffee maker and maybe ran one cycle of water through. He poured me the first cup of coffee and when. I took a large sip...it was the most vinegar tasting coffee...so horrible I ran to the sink to spit it out. Of course I asked him " How many times did you run plain water through?" His immediate answer to this type of questioning is typically "I don't know!" "Is it bad?" I told him to taste it...he wouldn't. (Wink wink smiley face)  

If you are a serious coffee drinker, you should keep up on all coffee brewers in your home. Be sure to review instructions on your maker to ensure you can add vinegar to clean. I have a commercial espresso machine and I use a product called Cafiza. You can order on Amazon and a little goes a long way. 

Sparkling clean

Sparkling clean

I will take a 1/4 teaspoon of Cafiza and add to my Chemex and French Press with hot water and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Everything comes out sparkling clean. This product works great on some of your coffee accessories to clean up the coffee oils and residue. Again, be sure to check with your manual on best practices of cleaning any coffee maker and especially the semi automatic and automatic espresso machines. Those will have specific instructions on how to properly clean and keep running smoothly so you'll never miss a drop of good tasting java. 





Hot Chocolate On A Stick...With A Kick!

Hot Chocolate with a kick  

Hot Chocolate with a kick  

I love this time of year. The mornings and evening are so cool and chilly. Here in the Phoenix metro area, we are not getting dumped with a ton of snow as so many of you around the country. However, we do have our layering down to a science as the day progresses THEN..back goes on the layering as the sun dips down.

No matter where you are, it's a great time to enjoy some hot chocolate. How about with a little "kick"? I meant to take some pictures of a recent get-together with some girlfriends and unfortunately I was having too much fun and ditched the phone. Which is great because I disconnected myself from the electronic device to enjoy time with friends.

I enjoy having people over and spending time together. Much of my roasting and baking is so you can enjoy great coffee...great sweets and great conversations with loved ones at home. Bringing back the "old days" of visiting neighbors and/or heading to small gatherings to just talk and enjoy the company. 

Ready to heat  

Ready to heat  

Sorry...I digress. Anyway, I love whipping up something different to enjoy and wanted to have some fun with our "Hot Chocolate On A Stick." I created a Mexican style hot chocolate and added a little tequila. 

Since I didn't take any pictures, I thought I would whip up a single cup so you can see how simple it is.  

All you need for a single cup is: 

  • Milk (2%, whole, almond, soy, coconut)
  • Cinnamon Stick
  • Dried Chili
  • Hot Chocolate On A Stick  

Pour your milk in a saucepan and add a cinnamon stick and dried chili. I set my stove on medium to medium/low heat, however be sure you are watching as you don't wish to boil and/or scald the milk. 

While that is simmering, grab some tequila and add a shot to your mug of choice. 

One tequila shot for me.  

One tequila shot for me.  

Watch your milk and stir occasionally to soften the chili and to begin blending in the cinnamon and chili into the milk. 

When you see it start simmering, remove from heat and grab a strainer. Pour the milk through the strainer to catch the dried chili and cinnamon stick.  

Remove the cinnamon stick and chili

Remove the cinnamon stick and chili

Take one of the "hot chocolate on a stick" and add to your mug. Let it sit for a minute so the chocolate begins to soften and dissolve off the spoon.  

Let the spoon sit for a minute before you stir.  

Let the spoon sit for a minute before you stir.  

Begin stirring to blend the milk and chocolate...that's it! 

Now for my get together, I filled a dish with my hot chocolate on a sticks and I had a small crock pot with 2% Milk and some cinnamon sticks and dried chili simmering. I set up a small bar area with cups, a couple of bottles of tequila, some shot glasses, a dish to dispose your wooden spoon (from the hot chocolate stick) and some napkins. I had a ladle in the crock pot so you could grab a cup and pour some milk. My girlfriends were able to add their hot chocolate and any shots of tequila if they chose to.  

It certainly isn't necessary to have any liquor. Having the milk simmering in cinnamon sticks and dried chili and adding just the hot chocolate tastes delicious. You have the richness of the chocolate (I make it more with dark chocolate) the sweetness of the cinnamon AND just enough heat of the chili that you feel in the back of your thought. De-Lish! 

The one picture I took!  

The one picture I took!  

If you're planning a get-together, a large party or event and you would like to order the hot chocolate on a stick? Contact me.. I'm happy to make them for you. We can add the marshmallows on top or just have the chocolate only on the stick. 

So...for the pictures I shot last night of me making a single serve hot chocolate and did she add the tequila? Of course I did....I was raised on the border and I'm Irish. What do you think! (Wink wink smiley face)