Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I recEive Fresh Roasted Coffee?

When ordering coffee, please note that orders placed Thursday through Sunday will roast Monday and ship Tuesday. Orders placed Monday through Wednesday will roast Thursday and ship Friday to ensure you receive the freshest bag of coffee to your door! 

Do You Deliver Locally? (Phoenix Metro)

If ordering within the Phoenix metro area, click on item and save to cart as if you are shipping. When you check out, click on delivery options and see local delivery. We will contact you directly to let you know when we are going to be in your area for delivery. It's that simple!


 I always encourage whole bean verses ground. Why? Well fist and most importantly freshness. Your coffee will stay fresh longer whole bean. Grind your beans when you are ready to enjoy a cup that is when you have the freshest cup. Be sure to check out our online store for handmade grinders that are made in the USA.

Do you offer Coffee subscriptions?

Yes we do! We can customize your order from 1 bag a month to 2 or more. Want to give a coffee subscription as a gift? reach out and let us know. We can do 3-6-9-12 months or any monthly amount you wish. 



Absolutely! We are able to ship our coffee and always fresh roasted. We are also able to ship most of our sweets, however some items are not available for shipping and will be listed on the product if you're shopping online. If you have any additional questions, you can give us a call. 

What is the turnaround for confections & Baked Goods?

Confections are made fresh & from scratch with a 24-48 hour turn around for shipping or local delivery. Orders placed on Friday will be made on Monday then delivered/shipped. Some baked goods are not able to be shipped and will be listed in the description. 

WOuld You provide items for an Event?

We would LOVE to! We've provided beautiful favors for weddings, unique custom "thank-you" gifts for realtors, fun treats for a birthday party and much more. We have the ability to customize just for you. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help. 

Would you do a home coffee party?

That would be so much fun! We are looking to create fun and relaxing home parties to sample coffee, try different recipes and showcase great coffee accessories too. Stay posted...however if you're looking to have a party soon, go ahead and give us a shout!